New owner of a Model 42 Winchester


Feb 4, 2019
It points like magic. I shoot sporting clays with it about as well as I do with a 12 gauge!

Is there anything special I need to know about maintenance?
Basically a scaled down Model 12. Keep it lubed and wiped down, pump it like you mean it, but they generally pump very smooth, and treat it with respect deserved for that old classic gun that it is.
I had one for a while, beautiful little gun, had a full choke on it, and it was full. It only patterned about 8" on the 15 yard pattern board. I shot mostly skeet and worked my butt off to finally run a 25 with it, could actually shoot 20-22 on the trap range 16 yard stations. A guy wanted it more than I did and I almost doubled what I paid for it.

A local shop had nice one for weeks at a very good price- but as you probably know, they are not rated for steel shot and good luck finding non-waterfowl .410 shotshells these days. It was also a full choked gun and I dont feel comfortable putting slugs through them, limiting it to just buckshot. I passed just due to the ammo situation, but it was a SWEET little shotgun......sigh.
Store it with muzzle down. A big mistake on Model 12s and 42s is putting it vertical in a rack on the butt. Oil will eventually leak into the stock and ruin it. Also resting a vertical gun on the butt will compress the rubber butt pad and ruin that too. There is a small screw just behind trigger guard that needs to be kept tight. The bolt portion that faces the ejection port needs to be kepted oiled or greased. Otherwise cycling the pump action will cause scratching on that exposed outside portion.
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I don't think I even knew those guns existed until now. Looking at past sales on GB they are in demand and pretty valuable with somewhat nappy-condition ones bringing $1200-$1400, and nicer ones up over $2K, and a lot of them actually selling instead of just sitting there with no bids. Looks like it'd be a sweet-handling gun.

Some pretty decent photos of a 1937 plain-barrel version here:
Yeah! They only made about 5000 per year. My LGS had this one for $720. Mine has carry wear, just ahead of the receiver. The blueing is good. It passes all of the tests for a Model 12.
Congratulations on the Winchester model 42. Those are very nice shotguns.

The closest I ever got to a owning a model 42 was a Remington 870 Wingmaster 410 skeet model. It was a very nice gun. It shot and functioned wonderfully. It just was not quite as slick or elegant as the model 42.
Great little shotguns. I've had mine for around twenty years. Had some wear, but shoots great. Plus only $150 invested. Felt like I was stealing it. My wife's uncle sold it to me. I wrote the check so fast I thought the ink was smoking.
As a youth I shot 1/2 a round of skeet with a 42. Then my dad’s friend pointed out the value f the gun. Never saw it again. He got me a 101 to shoot instead.
My LGS had this one for $720.
That's a darn good buy! I've been jonesing for one for a while now, but I refuse to give $1300+ for something that isn't going to get two boxes of shells a year through it. Regardless, you got a deal on it, and it ought to serve you well. How about a couple photos of it? Sure makes these threads better!

My buddy snagged a M42 in .410 for a cpl few bucks, like $200. It was mint and the LGS owner told him it had been reblued although we both have our doubts about that. Unfortunately he sold it for $350. I believe it was worth a good bit more and for $350 I would have kept it for sure. I only wish I'd bought it when it was offered.

It didn't look reblued to either of us or one of you guys on here or maybe a winchester forum, the expert and collector said it was original finish and in excellent shape. The Gun Shop said he'd have trouble selling it but he put a hefty price tag on it that week and it was gone.......

Awesome lil winchester