New Purchase: Bersa BP9cc

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Mar 4, 2012
Katy, TX
Copied from another forum I frequent:

I had a chance to handle one of these at the NRA convention. Up until then, I had only heard of them in passing, and didn't have a ton of interest. That all changed once I had one in my hand. I was very impressed with the ergonomics and trigger pull. I decided then I'd like to add one to the carry rotation.

Fast forward to this week, and I picked up my BP9cc in OD at my FFL. I'm very happy with the purchase. Some first impressions:

The box is tiny. Not that it really matters. I guess it's just efficiency on Bersa's part.

The trigger is just as good as I remembered. A little more take up than my Shield, but a lighter pull and crisper break. I had forgotten that the trigger is actually fairly wide, almost 1911-like (in shape, not feel). See pics below for details.

The grip is narrow, and feels great in my hand. Very easy to get a strong, high grip. Points intuitively for me. The only negative is that the pattern isn't as aggressive as I'd like, but it's not a deal breaker.

The sights are the only con on the pistol. Not because they are bad, but because they are mismatched (Sig front, Glock rear). I actually really like the sight picture. Just a slight inconvenience for when I buy night sights.

I'll report back after I get to the range. As promised, pics:


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Congratulations you will really like it, I bought the Thunder 45 UCP a couple of months ago.

Have fun and stay safe.
Thanks guys! Hoping to get it to the range this week. My work schedule has been crazy lately.

Looks interesting. I will have to check one out sometime as I think Bersa offers a pretty decent product that is reasonably priced.
I have a Thunder UC 9 that I carry and like alot. I have looked at these and seen a few reviews. The only thing from the reviews that makes me second guess it is how light the trigger pull is for carry. Makes me a little leery with a striker fire with no safety. You'll have to let me know your thoughts on the trigger pull.
I too have the Bersa BP9CC, bought it a little over a month ago. I was all set to purchase a Shield but did my internet homework on the Bersa. My LGS had one of each so I did a side by side comparison. The Bersa's trjgger won me over! On my trigger pull scale (Timney) it breaks @ 4.25 lbs.
Well, I finally got to the range. First the good. The trigger is great. Light pull, not much take-up, crisp break and reset. Pistol feels great in my hand.

Now for the bad. I had several FTF and FTE. It's tough to get a high grip on the pistol because of how the controls are positioned. I'm thinking the issues were either a bad mag, or my thumbs riding the slide stop. I was able to recreate the issues a couple of times at home with snap caps. I also noticed that the barrel feed ramp seems to be really steep compared to other pistols I own.

I'm also not crazy about the mag release. I have fat fingers, and I had issues getting the mag to release properly as it was pressing into my trigger finger.

Final verdict: to be determined. I want to like the pistol, but I need more time to see if there are real issues with the pistol or if I just need to adjust my grip. I was hoping to add it to my CCW rotation, but I certainly won't be doing that until I feel comfortable the issues have been addressed.
I had the BP9CC with the nickel slide and really liked it for the most part. Back in the early 90's I had a Glock 22 and hated it, really disliked everything about it! But it was the first gun I'd owned that lacked a hammer & manual safety. Mostly I think I just couldn't get used to it. Fast forward to late 2012; I picked up the Bersa and it was the 2nd striker fired gun I'd owned and I'd warmed too the idea a bit.

First, the good- in the time I owned it I never had any kind of failure. It didn't seem to matter what I fed it, the BP9CC churned through it with almost monotonous reliability.

The mixed: The trigger is very light but kind of "strange" feeling. It has a very long take up that I didn't know what to think of. It was pretty clean and broke crisply. Again, kind of mixed. It shot pretty well but it was light enough that I was a little nervous CCW'ing the gun. But that's a problem between my ears, not a problem with the gun.

The bad: The mags are almost $50 for it and there aren't a lot of holsters available right now. I bought a Theis hybrid and overall it worked well with the Bersa. SHTF Gear also makes one. After a couple weeks I could tell that the leather/kydex hybrid probably wasn't going to be The One for me. But I feel that the Theis rig is about as good as it gets for that style.

KTXdm9- I suspect that the reliability issues you had may have been operator induced. Being exceptionally small and light it does seem very subject to limp-wristing malfunctions. My sister, a very inexperienced shooter, initially had some problems with FTEs when she tried the gun. After coaching her a bit and working with her on hold and stance the gun ran right. I myself put around 1,000 round thru it without any issues.

Ultimately I ended up selling the gun. Mostly it's because my sister really wanted the gun and talked me into selling it to her. Plus I bought a Beretta Nano shortly after picking up the Bersa and I didn't really need them both. As luck would have it, I preferred the Nano and my sister preferred the BP9CC.

Down the road I wouldn't rule out buying another one. I had good luck with mine. It and the Nano kind of occupy the same niche, though. With the 6 round mag in the Nano it conceals even better than the Bersa. With the 8 round mag it's about a wash with both guns being almost the same size and within 1/2 oz of the same weight.

If my results are typical I don't know why they haven't sold a million of them already.
A friend of mine let me shoot his, and the trigger was very nice, almost too light for SD work....

Very, very "Glock like", inside:)
Phaedrus--I certainly won't rule out operator error, but this isn't the first small pistol I've shot. A Shield is my EDC, and I haven't had any issues with it like I have with the Bersa.

The Lone Haranguer--FTF and FTE seem to be common issues, as I saw several threads on Bersa chat. Did you ever send yours in for warranty work? I plan on breaking the pistol down again and giving it a good once over. Many mentioned lots of "crud" behind the extractor.
Just a quick update, I detail stripped the pistol this morning. Wow, there was a bunch of sludge in the striker channel. I did notice a very small amount of metal flakes behind the extractor. I'm going to try to pull the extractor this afternoon and give it a good once over.
I suppose there's some variation between individual specimens. Mine ran like a Swiss watch but maybe they don't all run so well. I'll be interested to hear how it runs once you finish cleaning up the extractor.
I'm posting my long overdue follow up post. I have seen gradual improvement after detail stripping and cleaning all of the preservative out of the pistol. My first trip after cleaning I still had some issues with FTE, but the frequency was less than my first outing.

My last trip to the range I would characterize as a success. I had some WWB and Fiocchi, which ran flawlessly for 100 rounds. I'm up to about 300 rounds or so, and the function seems to be improving. I had no FTF or FTE this trip. I did note a couple of things:

1. This pistol likes a death grip. My previous trip I had a couple of FTE around the 48 or 49 round mark. I reasserted my death grip and had no further issues. This go around I squeezed the crap out of it the entire time, and had no issues.

2. It may be more ammo sensitive than my other pistols, which eat anything. In particular, the Bersa doesn't seem to like Freedom reloads. No issues with WWB, Fiocchi, or Remington Golden Sabers.

If I'm able to get through another 200-300 rounds without issue then I'm going to chalk it up to break-in, ammo selection, user error, or all of the above. I really want to be able to use this as a backup carry piece to my Shield. The price point is very attractive, and I like the ergonomics of the pistol.
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