New Range Toy - S&W M&P15-22 Sport

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Apr 19, 2014
Shelby Township, MI
I recently added this little gem to the stable. It's a S&W M&P 15-22 Sport. It functions just like regular AR for the most part. I added some Magpul furniture and a Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot on a UTG medium riser, which allows it to co-witness perfectly with the Magpul BUIS sights that came standard on the gun. It came with a 25-round magazine, and I purchased some additional 10-round magazines for it. I had some stovepipe ejection problems at first, but after some research online, discovered this is a common problem, and the fix is a simple adjustment to the ejector, which took all of 5 seconds and was accomplished with a push of my thumb (no tools needed). I had originally contacted S&W regarding the problem, and they sent me a label to send the gun back to have it fixed, but I figured I'd try it myself first, and it has functioned flawlessly since, so I didn't bother to send it back. Since I adjusted the ejector I have put about 300 rounds through the gun ( which is not hard to do in a very short time!) without a single malfunction.

With the Red-Dot, I can rapid-fire a 4-5" group at 30 yds. offhand. Even with the BUIS, I can get very small groups off a rest at 50+ yards.

This is a fun little gun to shoot, almost boringly accurate and reliable. It is not picky about the ammo I feed it, although I prefer to stick to CCI Mini-Mags (1235 fps) just because they seem to burn much cleaner than some other brands. Winchester Super-X works well too.

Congrats on a great gun! After a long period of anguishing over what to get my 10 year old daughter for her first gun, I finally came to the conclusion that a M&P 15-22 is the perfect gun. Light weight, easy to hold up for little arms and an adjustable stock so it can grow with her. It has been an awesome gun.
When you say you get very small groups off a rest at 50+ yds, how small are they?
Around 3 inches, give or take. That's a "small" group for me, given my 66-year-old eyes...

If I really wanted to get tighter groups, I'd have to use a scope instead of a red dot or the BUIS. The gun is much more accurate than I am. I really just shoot it for fun. I wish I had property (or a back-yard range like Hickock45 has) where I could just plink at cans, watermelons, and steel, etc. instead of just punching holes in paper at a range...
Boy did you take the wrong leap off that mountain Shlike! Buying a 15-22 is akin to drinking that first cup of coffee, you are then hooked for life. I have a couple of the neat little carbines and have given several others as gifts so I am not in not in competion with grand kids or my buddy to see who gets to shoot.
I had the foresight when in my twenties (about 100 years ago:) ) to stockpile ammo for a rainy day and have not had to pay some of the insane prices for .22 these past few years. As ammo becomes more available and now the prices, although not $10 a brick are becoming affordable, the 15-22 can provide you with hours of fun and preparation when the big brother AR 15 is taken out.
Next step is a dedicated .22 lr platform in a full sized DPMS is a great shooter but also 1/3 more bucks than the Smith.
If any maker of firearms ever got a product right i must applaud S&W for their release of this fun carbine for being the right rifle at the right time.
shlike, congratulations! I've shot thousands of rounds through mine now and the reliability is very impressive. With a suppressor attached they are incredible little rifles and even more fun. The only minor issue I've had is that the magazine that shipped with the rifle won't always lock the action back on empty. I bought a spare "high capacity" extra mag (black) and it works just fine. Without a doubt one of the best rifles I've ever bought.

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