New revolver: 1966 Colt Trooper .357

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To some degree it would depend on how much was paid for it; if collector price was paid, I'd be inclined to keep it unfired. I see honestly used, good condition Troopers around here for $350-$450, if I really had the urge to shoot one, it'd be one of those.
Shooting that gun will greatly diminish it's value. I am far from a Colt expert, but would guess that package is worth about 900 bucks. By comparison, I recently turned down a boxless, fired, but still 98%+ gun like it that was offered to me for $450.
Stocks still look like gold to me but it could be pic or my computer. Very nice gun, makes one wonder why it does not have correct stocks if unfired. Lots of options on what to do with it, all will be nice.
If it were new LNIB I would have to think abut whether I would keep it as a collectors item or not. On the other hand, if they gun was already used or showed signs of wear, then I would go ahead and shoot it.
Stocks are not original to gun

That style came out mid to late 70's. They could probalby be traded for the correct stocks. Very nice gun that points and shoots with the best of them.
I own and have owned guns that had some collector status, that were new in the box. Always hated the fact that I did not want to shoot them. One bullet down the barrel and they have lost 5% to 20% of their value. I have face your same situation.
I'll bet the stocks are original ! I just bought a used Colt Trooper .38 spl today, with the box, same identical grips, mine was made in 1961. Grips marked with serial # inside on mine.
I would shoot the livin' bejeesus out of it.....and have a helluva good time while doing it!! Then, again, I ain't so young as to believe that I want to leave EVERYTHING to my kids in pristine order...............
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