New to Me Ithaca 37 Deer Slayer Police Special

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Oct 2, 2003
Just took possession of one of these puppies.

It is marked "DPD" but I have no idea which "PD that starts with D" it was from:

It is an older shotgun and does not have the trigger disconnect. It has a 20" bbl and a full-length mag tube, but swings really fast & handy. Better than any 20" bbl Mosy or Rem 870. Here is the seller's photo:

Most the scratches look like they are from being stored improperly rather than from use. The action echoes that, in that it is smooth but still tight. I don't think this saw many rounds down range. Once I tear it down, clean it, and lube it, I bet it will be slickslickslick.

I need to figure out if the stock is an oil finish or something else. If an oil finish, I'll hit it with lemon oil repeatedly and call it good.

I intend to clean up up and maybe do minimal cosmetic work on the wood & metal, if I can do so without destroying what is already there.

Also, I'll replace the recoil pad. Not sure if I'll go with a plastic plate or one of them fancy new pads: Limbsaver, Sqiushmaster, Kickk-Eeze, whatever.

I haven't touched it yet (fix-up wise), not even to clean it. I downloaded both the current Ithaca 37 owner's manual as well as the old-school "tear it down to the last bolt" manual on Steve's Pages. I'll tear it down and see how it works, clean it, lube it, and re-assemble before heading to the range.

This will be a working, HD/SD shotgun. The only mod might be a gun light of some sort and maybe a tritium bead.

My Photos:

Left Side

Right Side

Scratches on PG

Scratches Left Side Receiver

BBL Stamp
That's going to clean up real nice!
You could bead blast it and re-parkerize for not much money,or do it your self if youve got the gear...... then a little wood work and some oil and lookout!
Nice, I'm envious.

Anyways these guns seem to smooth out greatly if you run a bit of grease on the interior, and grease won't run and soak into the stock and cause it to crack like oil does.
Hey, that looks like mine...but with sling, scratches, a checkered grip, and a recoil pad.

I like the way they handle. Good pick-up.
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