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Jan 2, 2003
I've heard about this place, and I've seen that the owner (I guess it's the owner) posts on This is a reputable business, no? Do they stock or drop-ship? About how much time would it take to ship an order?
They rock. The owner has been in the business for about 20 years + and he definitely has a passion for bladeware. I'm almost 100% positive that they keep stock. Their service is fast as well. Also, if they do not have something immediately in stock, they let you know right away.
NewG is a reputable dealer and can be trusted to provide just what they say in a timely manner.
I've only dealt with them once but it was on a pricey knife--very prompt, very professional and very good communication.

Good luck

I have heard nothing but good things about them. Their prices are very competitive and service seems to be top notch.
They are a great store! I now have a collection of 7 of their bandaid holders! (One free with each order)
I haven't ordered from them, but I've never heard a negative comment on them, and that encompasses here, TFL, Bladeforums, Knifeforums, AmBack and a couple of smaller boards.
I've done a lot of ordering recently from these fine folks. I've also been to their store, which is ~40 minutes from my home. They are nice folks, with something for everyone, and they make killer burgers.
When I order, I get the package the next day, due to the proximity of their store to me. New Graham Rocks!!!!!!!
New Graham is good people with low prices. Everything is in stock except preorders obviously ;) Never had a problem with an order from them. :)
They even give you bandaids with your order!



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I have a few friends that have ordered from them. They all say the same things, good service and quality. next knife I buy I think i'm gonna try them out.
I have bought several knives through them . . . not a problem!! :) Sent a check one time, paid with CC another all went smooth as silk.

Take care,

I ordered a pair of carbon fiber Spyderco Police from them. Great service and price and they delivered some good specimens.
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