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They will be much cheaper around Nov. 4th and some of us don't have or want a shotgun.

At a distance of 100-200 feet, concrete blocks are more fun with a rifle, because you can see the impact dust without the need for a buddy's binoculars.
What shotgun?

That was .22lr pistol, .380acp pistol, .45acp pistol and .30carbine carbine (duh)

And at $3 per pumpkin, I greatly exceeded the cost of targets in the first magazine loading on those centerfire guns ... but how about this, you bring the shotguns and I'll bring the pumpkins, I'll even help you carry your stuff back, as the pumpkins get pulverized and/or tossed into the brush when we're done.
Hey now, when you guys come down to the Ozarks, leave your city-fied ways behind. Punkin poaching is a time honored tradition down here.

Shoot fur, man's got a right to feed his family. (Big Spit, to emphasize the point)(Damn Yankees.)

LOL! I'm not in the city, man!. I should really change that, as it gives people a certain "city folk" perception.

I'm in Jefferson County. I do come down and over your way a few times a year.
Those who are about to die salute you!

Here are the volunteers for the year (the cat doesn't count... she's just an angry feline)


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Pumpkin DAMAGE

All shots taken at 55 yards using a Davey Crickett (3x scope) and Henry lever action pistol (open sights... yeah, I said pistol). The whole Apple family got in on the act.


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