Old Spice Commercial Spoof w/Firearms

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Yeah that was pretty good. How did that red shirt come off like it was on a fishing pole?
Funny. I've jokingly told friends who I think ought to get their CCP they could be like me. One day, if they just take a big leap and man up enough to get one.
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do you normally teach your students to hastilly draw a handgun and fire without aiming?

Just curious.
I got the point just fine, thanks.

I guess I should have added that the video was good, entertaining, etc...

MY point was about firearms safety.. but sure, there are always ppl who miss the point.
Not to change the point or threadjack here, but there is an Old Spice remake with Grover from sesame Street that is awesome:


"Just as this monster does..."

And of course, the video posted is hilarious. I actually just noticed you said "we made", that's awesome. i watched your "is it bulletproof" videos as well, looks like great fun.
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Yeah I'm also not sure what you though was unsafe about that.

Heck I've been taught to draw and fire from the hip for close combat situations.
We did a video spoof with firearms instead of deoderant of the Old Spice commercial.
Here is our version:

If you have never seen the Old Spice commercial check it out here first so the spoof makes sense

Just bare in mind we are firearms instructors and not video producers. lol
...funny...dude needs a better holster...wee bit of a problem putting it back.
Funny video. I thought the bolling ball thing looked a little dangerous, but... I love the sounds of ricochet's... from a distance :)
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