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Jan 9, 2021
I have a love affair with .22 Auto pistol. Am I missing something special?

currently have
Ruger mk2 (love)
Ruger MK4 with 2 extra uppers
Beretta 87 target (over rated)
JA .22 (jam-o-matic)
Of all the 22s I've tried, I think the best was a Cenier platinum cup on my 1911. That thing was extremely accurate and never jammed. I was a fool for trading it.
I waffled between a Ruger 22/45 and Browning Buckmark. Went with the Browning and am very satisfied. Not a popular sentiment in an enablers forum, but I don’t have any desire for the other options currently available.
here are my next 5 years plan .22

S&W .22 revolver (top list)

Keltec something or all.. P17 very Keltec looking and the 33rd space gun is just plain out cool

Ruger 4 hunter with the flute and stainless. without youtube, taking apart a Mark gun will make you get grey hair

1873 SAA clone In .22!

last…. a Italian or German olympic target gun with those little sticker all over it.
TX22 w/ competition upper, Glock 44, LCP .22, FN 502 are my current .22s. For plinking it's a toss between the 502 and TXs as my favorite, the Glock 44 is good too. Too many good options out there.
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You have a great start, it’s kinda-sorta similar to mine. :)

As of right now in my .22 auto pistol stable I have a Ruger Standard, a Mk II Govt. Target and a Mk IV with a 10” and a 5.5” upper, an Iver Johnson TP-22 and a Glock 44.

I would like one of the 1911-style autos sold by Browning, one of those may arrive in the not so distant future. :thumbup:

Stay safe.
TX22 Competition and standard TX22. Beretta Neos. Bought my TX22 to save on 9mm. I had no idea that shooting .22 would be so much fun.
M&P22 Full Size (Awesome shooter)
M&P22 Compact (Awesome shooter)
Beretta Model 87 ($$$, but so gorgeous. Decent shooter)
Ruger MK IV 22/45 Target (The current standard to which I judge all others)
Ruger LCP II Lite Rack (Unreliable, but I'm working on it)

Want (in this order):
Beretta Neos (Had the 4.5" version but sold it. Want the 6" version)
KelTec P17 (No idea why I want one)
Taurus TX22 (You get a good one or you get a bad one. Hope I get a good one)
Ruger SR22 (Had one but was a jam-o-matic. Would like to try another)
Good choices.

I shoot my Browning Buck Mark as well as I do my Ruger Marks, just in case you want to add another to the list. :)

My K22 is my favorite. I see it's at the top of your list, too.

I would opt for a Ruger Single Six over a SAA clone. The SAA action is slicker, but the little fixed sights would limit your accuracy. The Single Six has nice big adjustable sights that are much easier to use.
I had a Buckmark 5.5 back in the mid-1990s. It’s the fat barrel, contoured wood grip, and hooded front sight. I spent hours at the public range dinging steel plates. Absolutely loved it. Of course, I sold it for something “better” which I’m sure paled in comparison and was sold quickly.

My first handgun that I bought myself was a Ruger Mark II government. That was a sweet gun too. Today, I have a few Mark II and III. I prefer the II.
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