One Of The Craziest Auctions I've Seen


May 8, 2008
So, on that typical auction site for guns, and for people to broker them, I saw what has to be THE craziest thing ever. It was a semi-auto pistol:


The price for this gun is at............$85,000!!!!

I'm sure that's not the most expensive thing on that site, but though this is a rare pistol,......come on!! That's a lot of money!!

What do you think about something like this? Worthy collectors item?

Sounds like the customer demanded the magazine retention problem with the -5 and -6 be fixed before accepting an order for 40 pistols from Sig.

I don't see anything wrong with a customer wanting his guns to work correctly before accepting them.

I also don't see why that should make them rare and worth 85k or even 1/3 that. Something is wrong here. It may be more about who the designer was that Sig brought in to fix their magazine problems and the fact that he has already gotten 9 of the initial 30 shipped back for in his own collection.

"Of these 40, a significant shipment of 30 units was delivered directly to the Persian Gulf Emir, highlighting the model’s prestige and the esteem in which it was held by high-ranking officials. Additionally, 9 of the SIG Sauer P210-8 were returned to Crottet’s personal collection, underscoring their rarity and value to collectors."

"Underscoring their rarity", only to him at that price.
As a side note, I was watching the auction, which was set for like 68 days or something like that, but deleted it. I doubt anyone will pay that much for what is just a semi-auto pistol. But I deleted it in case something weird happened while I was looking at it, and I accidentally bid on it. If I had $85K lying around, I'd put it on a down payment on a house.