Paul Harrell; his passing

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Old Hobo

Sep 18, 2022
South-East USA
I've read that Paul Harrell has passed from this life. This hurts. He had himself announced that he had pancreatic cancer.

Lately on his YouTube site, he passed the torch to his brother. I ask that people support Paul's brother in his attempts to continue Paul's website. Many joined together and put the website over the one million subscribers mark! Hurrah! How wonderful.

My searches as to the details of his passing have left me without much, if any, details.

I would GREATLY appreciate any greater knowledge concerning his passing. For heaven's sake, I was unable to find an obituary on this noble man. I did read that he was in hospice care. In his last videos, he required the use of one crutch (left arm/shoulder).

Even though I know a bunch about firearms -- been a student thereof for over a half-century / consider myself to be a rifleman / expert marksmanship badge ...... blah blah blah 🥱 -- still, who did I go to for more information?! Paul!!!! Duh! I've always been an idiot compared to that man. Always will.

Again, hey everybody, any and all details about Paul Harrell's last days in this spiritually remote plane of existence would be cherished.

Thnx much everyone! Let us pray for our brother on his eternal journey back to the Creator of all things, the Eternal Architect.

Old Hobo -------------------------------- God's blessings be upon Paul, the educator.
Paul himself said that when he dies, it'll be immediately on his You Tube channel. (via his brother, who is now pretty much taking over)

i just went there, and nothing.

his former girl friend or whatever she was to him is bat:cuss: crazy, and very experienced in computers and setting up false accounts, and news of him..that's why he told us of his cancer, before SHE had a chance to do so.
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