Places around UC Davis to get into guns?

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May 12, 2004
UC Davis
I have searched the UC Davis website, this site, and google for any information about opportunities to get into guns and shooting, but have found nothing. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place or this has already been covered, but does anyone have any ideas for me?

Thanks much.
If you already own a gun & just want to go shooting there are 2 indoor ranges in Vacaville. One is on Liesure Town Rd and the other is off of Monte Vista Ave (first exit & last exit coming from Davis, both on left side & both rent handguns to shoot if you're over 21). I dont believe either allows rifles other than probably pistol cartridges only. For outdoor there is the Yolo Sportsman Society which is located outside of Woodland.
Of course there is alot of places in the Sacramento area.
There is a nice outdoor range in Lincoln (about 45 mins from Davis)
Actually going there today to shoot.
Good Luck in Davis, the LEO are not known for their demeanor.
Yolo Sportsman Association up about 20 minutes north of you. Great outdoor range. Will have CMP and etc for you to look into.

River City Gun exchange in Sac will also probably have some resources for you to look into.

The 1,000 yard range (can't remember the name right now) in N. Sac will have De Palma long range shooting groups you can possibly join.

Davis/Sac isn't a bad place to be "into" firearms. You just got to look harder.

Boy I sure don't miss the smell of Cow in the morning.
I am just a college freshmen here, no car, no guns, just a bicycle. I turn 19 in October. I suppose what I was looking for would really be a university team or something, a "no experience required" type of thing. (My only experience is shooting handguns and carbines at "Beretta Day" in NJ) However, I have joined the forum and will look into the stuff you guys suggested, though I probably won't be moving to Nevada :rolleyes: . Thanks all!
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