Places to shoot past 500 yards?

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Jun 17, 2007
I'm in Bowling Green KY and can't find a place to shoot past 500 yards that is with in couple of hours driving. Does anyone know where one can go shoot that far besides Rock Castle?
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ORSA and AEDC/Tullahoma in TN both have 1000 yard ranges. I host matches and classes on a private range near cookeville that goes out to 1100.
Thunder Valley and Raynors are in Ohio near zanesville and you can shoot to a mile there.

but rock castle is definitely closest to you. they do an informal shoot there once/month i think.
why don't you like rockcastle? thunder valley at rockcastle is an amazing place to shoot.
I would look for a farmer as close as you can get. I don't shoot like I used to, but I have a field literally in sight of my house that I can shoot up to 450 any time and over 1k (if I care to embarrass myself) if his crops are out at the time.

Farmers are usually friendly to a shooter and varmint hunters. It would be a good place to start. Worst that can happen is they say no.
chaser I dont want to be a member pay yearly dues, pay $25 every time I show up and have to call in two weeks in advance to see if I can shoot for something I'm paying for. I'm a member at local club with targets out to 400 yards, that gets me by.
Apparently there are local guys that have once a month practice shoot at Rock Castle. I did a search and found a group of guys around this area that get together and just practice all the way out to 1100 yards. I'm gonna try and get on with them.
As to a local farmer, I have a buddy with a land to shoot that far, but once the corn is planted there is no shooting until deer season is over. So basically only a couple month period at the beginning of the year. Which I'm grateful for sense it's a great place to practice when avaliable.
This place is east of Cincinnati and has a 600 yard range.

It is a little further than your couple of hours but I've driven farther to shoot if I really wanted to.

These people put on a ton of rifle events too, you might consider coming out for an event. Check the calander on the web site I linked.
Just check snipershide in the member link up, there is a shoot everymonth there just got fun and it only cost $25 each time. I never understood why the memberships there didn't include thunder valley in the package either.
What about Ft. Campbell, you know anyone stationed there ? when I was stationed there we used to get a bunch of guys together & go out to the impact area and shoot.............
Mohave-Tec that looks great, one of this days I'll take you up on the invite!
Fellas I was able to get into sniper's hide group that does a shoot at rock castle every month or so.
what about the local power tranmission line?
They're OK with it up here as long as you respect their property / poles etc.

I've got one stretch about 4 miles from my place where I can shoot 3 - 4,000 yards before it go up and over a ridge, or turns a bend.
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