Poor College kid needs a Rifle

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Jul 21, 2006
South Houston, TX
hi all I've been lurking around on here for a few months now and decided i need to get me a rifle since i live so close to a range, and i don't particularly enjoy having to borrow a gun to go shooting. I'm 19 and in college i have about a 200-300 dollar budget. just want a good fun to shoot rifle that shoots a reletivily cheap type of ammo.
Thanks for the help.
Knowing what I know now, I would recommend the awesome .22 LR. I make this suggestion because I have found that the cost of ammo for virtually any other caliber, other then the .22 will quickly eclipse the cost of the rifle. You will be shooting quarters or 35 cents each shot. They add up quickly. If you are next to a range (lucky you), you might want to go frequently and shoot a lot! and not want to worry about each shot interfering with your off-study money!

Now then it comes down to what type of .22 rifle?!

Do you want to become a rifleman, mastering the positions; standing, sitting, and lying down? (I would go this route, personally) This would take out the lever and go with an autoloader type
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wow speedy responses thanks i like the ruger i was also looking at the marlin model 60 though i have to admit i would kinda prefer lever action or bolt action to semi but that's just a preference and i enjoy shooting any kind of gun. :)
I second (or third) the .22 long rifle. The cost of bulk ammo is cheap and that means you can shoot a lot. Which means good practice and that counts for a lot. There are lots of good used .22's out there. Drop by your local gun shop and see what's in the used rack?

Also, haunt GunBroker.com and AuctionArms.com and see what prices are doing? Keep going back and forth as you narrow it down. In a month or so, you will have a real good grasp of a fair price for the models you are interested in.

I would buy a full sized rifle, even in .22 There are quite a few out there. Ruger M77/22 for instance. CZ, Marlin, Winchester, even Weatherby made a nice .22 Mostly see what comes to shoulder well. If the rifling is strong and the bore is shiny and all the pieces are there, you are likely good as gold :)
Any of the .22 LR rifles would fit the bill for what your asking for. As mentioned the Mosin Nagants for more boom.
when i go to the range with my .38, I leave having spent no less than $40
when I go to the range with my .22, I leave having spent no more than $15 and that's with the $8 range entry fee

I recommend the ruger 10/22. I have one and it's awesome
get yourself a good 22 LR. one that feels right to you. marlin's 795 can be had for about 125. that leaves lots of money for ammo. the ruger 10 22 may be your best bet in the long run though.
have fun.
I know all about being a broke college student my friend. I would suggest a .22 for sure. Even on a college budget you could afford to shoot regularly. Personally I would suggest a Marlin model 60. With a budget of $300 you could buy the rifle, a scope, a case and plenty of ammo.

Happy shooting and welcome to THR.
Sorry buddy, you don't need a gun, you want a gun....

I would suggest a pellet or .22, affordable, if you look around you can find one used for about 100.
A 22 long rifle will give you the most bang for your bucks. If you are looking for centerfire you might give the Stevens 200 in 223 remington a thought.
Best rifle I've purchased, correction, only rifle I've purchased (yet) was a Ruger 10/22 used from the local gun shop for $170 dollars about 5 months ago. Sadly I've only put about 1000 rounds through it yet, and I live on 40 acres! I need to shoot more. Anyways, getting off topic. Ruger 10/22 is a great rifle.
Check the used bins and racks at your local gun stores for a good used .22lr. Nothing else will give you more bang for your buck and feed your addiction.

I remember years ago trying to decide what to do. It was 3 days before my next V.A. check and I had a $5.00 bill. My choices were a few groceries or a box of .357 ammo. I think I got the ammo and ate peanut butter and crackers. AH, the days of being a starving student.:cool:
used marlin 60 in 22lr, hit some pawn shops and you can find them at 50-100 dollars otd(dont pass a glenfiled 60 as its a marlin with a different name). brand new bolt action marlin xs7 in 308 for around 300. but then you need rings and scope. and that pushes you out of the range. stick with a 22 for awhile.
I have to agree 10/22 or a savage. If you want to hunt with it go with a maveric 88 in 12 gauge (i know its a shotgun but hey) or the mosin 7.62 x54R great proven round out of a cheap dependable weapon.
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