Primers: Substitue Lg. Rifle for Lg. Pistol?

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Jan 31, 2003
With the shortages of Primiers, I was looking at some large Rifle Primers and noticing that they are the Same Size. Can a Large Rifle Primer be used in a Large Pistol case? Would there be a hardness issue, which would could cause miss-fire event? If they could be used, what would the effect be on the Pistol if a Rifle primer used or vice versa.

I have heard of Rifle shooters using Magnum Pistol Primers in Rifles. Just wondering if anyone has used the Large Rifle/Pistol primer swap...?
Small primers are the same size

Large handgun and large rifle are NOT

the diameters are the same but the primer height is not. A LR primer in a LP primer pocket would protrude above the face of the case head by a few thousandth
like krochus mentions LRPs protrude above the casehead in large pistol primer pockets, causing all kinds of issues like binding up a revolver, possibility of a slamfire in an auto, dangerous condition in a tube magazine of a levergun, etc.
For what my 2 cents is worth. I load for a 460 Smith. Some loads call for large rifle primers some call for large pistol. When I loaded with rifle primers very few rounds would light off. When I switched to large pistol primers I have never had a problem.
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