Problem with a Beretta Nano

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Aug 29, 2009
I just shot my Beretta Nano for the first time today and experienced three malfunctions of the same type.

On the next to the last round in the magazine the fired case was not extracted from the chamber. Instead the nose of the last round was firmly pressed against the rear of the fired case in the chamber of the barrel.

What I suspect happened is that after chambering the next to the last round the last round in the magazine somehow became oriented pointed upward as the slide started to retract from the barrel and the nose of the last round prevented the case from being extracted from the barrel. That would also mean that the extractor slipped over the rim of the fired case.

Has anyone heard of this type of malfunction before and if so and ideas as to what I should do?

Just read some reports that using cheap Wally World ammo may be the cause of my problems. I was shooting Federal 115 grain FMJ from Wally World.


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Try a hotter round. Apparently Nanos like the powerful rounds. They had a bad batch of extractors put on some guns. If you try some hotter ammo and still have problems give Beretta a call and see if gun was one of the ones affected.
use a good quality 124gr fmj ammo for a start . No www or steel cased ammo till you know its running well. See how the pistol racking the slide by hand. If good shoot it. Allways assume it ammo first.
The newer Nanos seen to have less problems it seems. Mine has been flawless through the first 300 rounds with only cheap 115gr FMJ of various brands. I just left it locked open for a day or two awhile racking the slide a hundred times or two.

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And this goes without saying, be very conscious of any degree of limp wristing as with any small pistol. Hopefully your problems work themselves out as the recoil spring breaks in.

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Well I cleaned my Nano for the first time and noticed something.

Without the mag in the mag well the slide was not going all the way into battery unless I let slam a little. I then noticed that the, I don't know what to call it, the piece that turns so you can take the slide off. Has a big slot on the right hand side. Well, it was sticking out about 1/16". After pushing it back in with a soft hammer the slide closes well every time.

I will have to check this out the next time I shoot it. That may have been part of the problem.
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