Product link for best pepper spray


Nov 28, 2008
I am looking at Sabre products, but having a hard time getting the info on concentration of OC. I want the strongest, I think its 1.3% but cant find the concentration specificially stated. Can anyone help me?
Nope. Every brand has some magic secrete formula that is better than everyone else's magic secrete formula and is the best.

I have never come across any laboratory empirical testing of pepper spray. The best I have ever been able to find is someone says this brand is the best with no empirical evidence to back it up.
Why spray and not gel?
Gel requires a very accurate initial dissemination AND takes longer to take effect. Product that is a lachrymator needs to spread out in the air, be inhaled and ingested, hit the open eyes immediately. Unless you actually hit someone in the eyes when open with your first spray, the gel is simply less effective.
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The primary and most advertised advantage of gel is it is less likely (not impossible) for the wind to carry it back into your own face. Anyone who carries pepper spray must be conscious of the fact wind (even inside, by a moving door possibly) can blow pepper spray back into your own face. And speaking from experience, not fun. It is a different story if you are expecting to take a hit (like with exposure training), it is different if you are using it in an encounter and are now exposed yourself.

That being said I like Freeze +p. Of the three chemical irritation agents I have been trained on, this is the one I like the least but most. If that makes sense. I have been carrying this brand since my first certification in 2008 or 09.

As a side note, I like flip top spray canisters because they are harder to twist off safety in your pocket and spray your clothes. I had to fight with one department to let me buy the exact same stuff as issue, but in flip top for the way I carried my duty spray can. They evaluated my can and eventually adopted flip tops for all officers. But for awhile, I was carrying my own can for awhile.
POM or "PIece of Mind" is readily available from Amazon and comes in the perfect form factor for individual carry. I prefer the pocket clip variant, which can be configured for left or right side carry.