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Product Review, Blackhawk cqc holster, and mag carriers.

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by possum, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. possum

    possum Member

    Oct 12, 2005
    Concord, N.C.
    I decided to go to the local tactical shop down the road and pick up another holster for my xd. the fobus roto holster was great for the range but definetly not good for carry. I bought a blackhawk serpa holster in black, and a single mag carrier. though i don't have much experience with many kydex holsters, this one is my favorite by far, and the most versatile. it came with the belt slide attachmet and the paddle attachment. i have figured out that i really don't like the belt slide style but gave it a try. I liked it and it worked, but the paddle, is the way to go. both attachments are adjustable for cant as i have mine canted foward to aid in concealment. they are both also adjustable for the size belt you are wearing, pretty darn high speed!

    The paddle is very secure and holds in postion no matter what i tried to do to get the xd to come out. the holster holds great, and dosen't move when drawing. there are 3 hooks to ensure this. 2 on the outside that go under the belt, and one on the inside of the pants. the paddle also fits closer to the body than the belt attachment as well, another plus. I did everything to get the gun to come out and it wouldn't do it. i ran a few miles, did some 3to 5 second rushes, still nothing, still there when i needed it. now I haven't gotten to were i can draw as quickly as other holsters, but a little bit of practice will take care of that! which it really isn't for quick draw, and i have all the confidence in the world that it ain't moving until i want it to.

    i also like the fact that there is an adjustment screw for the amount of pressure put on the pistol, and i have it pretty loose to make a smooth draw. it works great and I highly recomend them to anyone that wants a well built holster for duty, that is very versatile and can fit almost anyones needs. i just hope that it will fit my sub compact, that I will be getting soon!

    oh yeah the mag carriers,i first got the mag carrier for the xd, and liked it so much that I decided to get one for my kahr k40. the one for the xd works great, but the one for the kahr, is a little loose and there ain't as much pressure on the mag when drawing it than i would like, but it works. i think it would work better with a 1911 magazine, one that has a little more girth to it.

    the really highspeed thing about the mag holders, is the fact that you can take the belt clip off and attach it to a thigh holster rig. the holster is the same way. all you need is the thigh platform.

    I really am happy with all the gear and I think they are some fine products that will last a long,time and serve me as well as anyone else for a good long time!
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