Question about an Itallian made Mauser HSC

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by JeffTC, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Dec 10, 2019
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    Hello Folks,
    I Recently bought an Italian made Mauser HSC .380 at a pawn shop. The gun is in mint condition, it would not surprise me if it had never been fired before I bought it. I was told that it was a surplus weapon once owned by an Israeli police organization (which one specifically I don't know). I've not found any information on the internet regarding if the Israelis ever used these weapons. It's a small matter not really that important to me, but I do like to research and understand the history of my weapons, so if anyone can help me shed any light on this, I would appreciate it greatly. My HSc has wooden grips and is marked as follows:

    On the left side of the slide:
    The Mauser trademark icon followed by
    "MAUSER HSc mod. 80 cal .380 ACP
    Produced under license by
    RENATO GAMBA S.p.A. Gardone V.T. ITALY"

    On the left side trigger guard at the top:
    CAT. 6452 and the letters "SAB" in an oval stamped underneath.

    The receiver is stamped 9mm Kurz and 38 under it.

    The serial number of the weapon is 200267.

    Thanks for your help folks.

    20200710_035429.jpg 20200710_035409.jpg
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