Question about the Magpul Mag Link

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Oct 14, 2009
Lynnwood, WA
My Questionn may sound weird but .... Anyone know if the Magpul Mag Link will work in conjunction with the Redi mag system?
The reason i ask is that IF SO i'd like to run a Surefire 60 Round mag inside the magwell and one of the Maglinked mags in the redimag in a way that when i run dry on the surefire i could insert the maglinked one inside the magwell of the weapon with enough space for the other magazine to fit inside the redimag.

Thanks for the anwsers !!!
That's some serious operator work to need all that ammo on tap. Maybe you should look at drums. Then you could have 100 rounds in tap with no mag change.
No I don't think it will but then again I thought that the magpul mag link was only for use when coupling plays.
I asked this question to a DGS Guns representative and he told me the mags would align with the redimag so i will be buying one this week to try it out... just curious:D

I prefer to use the redimag but would like to have more options as i have another lower without it...

Thanks guys!!
Is 60rds on the Surefire not enough for you? They also sell 100rounders you know...

I really don't think using either the Readymag or the Maglink will work well with the Surefire high cap mags. Maybe the Redimag will fit if there's enough clearance for another mag next to the Surefire60.
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