Question for those who have done the glock grip reduction

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Jan 19, 2006
Happy Valley, UT

Grip Shortening Package
This package offers you the convenience of using both high capacity and subcompact magazines in your standard frame Glock pistol. We combine a backstrap and frontstrap reduction with grip shortening and texturing to enable a Glock 21, for example, to use Glock 30 compact magazines. The section of grip we remove from the pistol is permanently attached to a full size magazine, textured to match. Now, you have a truly convertible system giving you the best of both worlds depending on your requirements.

I have a G30 with the robar grip reduction, etc. My question is for those who have done the grip reduction yourself... I have G21 mags but no G21... so they're only good to shoot in the G30. Do you think it would be possible to build up material on the mags as seen in the pic above to complete the profile of the grip without having a G21 frame to sacrifice? Or should I just wrap duct-tape around the bottom of the G21 mags.:D
Cool! Thanks! :cool:I doubt that would work in the modified grip, though... unless the back is solid and I could grind it down. Hmmm...
If the back isn't solid, just fill it with something like Brownells Acglass Gel. It what i used for my reduction, and has done jsut fine.
Yes it's possible. The fillers on those magazines are the A&G grip extenders that have been modified. You could use those or just use acraglass. I used acraglass on G19 mags I had to cut down to fit my birdshead G26.
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