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Question on two gun values

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by Big_R, May 19, 2004.

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  1. Big_R

    Big_R Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    That little strip of land between New York and L.A
    I'm trying to do some estimating for insurance values and am a bit stumped on two rifles.

    First is a Beretta FS-1 in 12 gauge. The metal and wood are in good condition. Some markings: Pietro Beretta Gardone V.T. Made in Italy, Ausonia Electric Steel, Fucile Rinforzato Speciale Brevettato. It appears a vent rib was added since there's engraving by the barrel breech that's partially covered by the rib. The rib is marked Simmons Gun Specialties Patented.

    Second is an Eddystone P-17 that all stampings appears to match. It's got the flaming bomb on the receiver, bolt, and barrel. It's marked 7-18. Every part I can see has an "E" stamped in it. It is missing the front sling swivel, and is parkerized. It has a really nice stock with a few dings. The bore is very good, no cleaning kit or bayonet. The receiver is stamped US Model of Eddystone 1917 S/N 8359XX.

    I've surfed the internet auction sites and see a wide spread of prices on the Eddystone, but have never seen another FS-1. Any help would be appreciated.

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