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Questions between fixed A2 sights and DCH sights for A3 - how to interpret or convert

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by stevenmac2, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. stevenmac2

    stevenmac2 Member

    Mar 26, 2008
    Hi All,

    I been looking form information to explain to me the differences on the A2 sights and DCH sights for A3 and how to interpret it. I am a relative new shooter as I just bought an AR over a month ago, and in my attempts to learn from books and other information, I have come up with these questions:

    For example, from the book I have been going through, it points out that:

    A) Sights are marked up 8/3.
    B) Bottomed out at 8/3, has the ability to go -3 clicks.

    My Setup:
    I have an A3 with a Detachable Carry Handle setup. I noticed that:
    A) Sights are marked up to 6/3 and not 8/3
    B) Bottoms out to only 6/3 where there is a little z on the wheel- do not have the ability to go -3 clicks back. Is that a problem?

    With that, I have a slew of questions:

    Question 1:
    For primers and I certainly need the help understanding this - do I understand the use of the Elevation indexes properly. Would this be the correct interpreation with my Detachable Carry Handle?

    6/3 (bottomed out means 600/300?) = set for 300 yrds?

    4 (6/3+6 clicks) = 400 yrds
    (From 6/3 bottom - it took 6 clicks to get to 4 Index)

    5 (4+8 clicks) = 500 yrds
    (From 4 - it took 8 clicks to get to 5 Index)

    6/3 (2nd time. 5+10 clicks) = 600 yrds
    (From 5 - it took 10 clicks to get to 6/3 a second time).

    I notice that the wheel will keep turning, so I will continue forward to next major index number:

    4 (2nd time - 6/3+6) = 700 yrds??
    (From 6/3 second - it took 6 clicks to get to 4 second time)

    Not quite to 5 = 800 yrds??
    (From 4 2nd time, I could go only 6 clicks instead of 8 - so I stopped 2 clicks to making it to 5 for the 2nd time)

    Overall from bottom to very top, I have a total of 36 clicks available for use. How many are on an 8/3 and if there is a difference, how do I adjust properly? If they say 1 click, do I have to go 2 or 3 clicks for example. Is there a conversion chart?

    Question 2:
    In the book I am using , it says that the Rear Sight Elevation Rules are that 1 click will move the strike of the round 1 inch for every 100 yards of range to the target - but this based upon sights for 8/3. Does this still hold true for the DCH 6/3 sights? Though my sights are set for 6/3, does 1 click still move it 1"?

    Question 3:
    Is it a problem that I am not able to go -3 clicks when bottomed out at 6/3 or this the design of the DCH?

    Thanks very much for any information,
  2. Canuck-IL

    Canuck-IL Member

    Feb 15, 2005
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