R9s Rohrbaugh - 2nd range test - ammo evaluation

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Jan 3, 2003
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This program was designed to primarily evaluate Gold Dot ammunition thru this gun ....... altho some additions were made.

The content of the test is quite detailed and lengthy and so I decided for clarity and relative ease of formatting, to build some HTML pages to put on one of my servers.

Do please go take a look at Rohrbaugh R9s range test #2 ........ and feedback would be appreciated. I have checked so far for links etc but - possibly not enough to get all gremlins gone! It's been a long day!
Great Review. Intersting on the vast difference between the 15 feetand the 21 feet shots. Im seriously thinking about grabbing my pm9 gun fund, sticking it in the bank, and holding off for the rohrbaurg. It seems like a sweet gun.
vast difference between the 15 feetand the 21 feet shots.
Sapper - indeed there is. I mentioned tho - with less than ideal eyesight and small gun - short sight base .. part of that is me I expect. I look at this with regard to unloading 6+1 when you had to .. at probably 15 feet or less....... and feel confident enough to get useful hits. Sure as heck ain't gonna miss with 7 shots!

Put a large frame revo in my hands and things get way better!:)
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