Rate of fire with bumpstock?

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Aug 29, 2009
Out of curiosity does anyone know how quickly an AR-15 or similar semiauto rifle can be made to fire using a bumpstock?
AK's are slow so 300 - 400 RPM's is about right for an experienced bump-firerer (sp??).

My AR 5.56 with a 3.5# trigger has been timed at 525 - 550 RPM.

Our AR 15/22 and same trigger hits 600 - 650 RPM (sometimes faster with CCI). Much faster than that and jams are frequent and cases blow from impact to the rim.

A while back I made a bumpfire grip for an AK47 pistol......easily fires at 350 RPM.
Can't say about the bump stock but the binary triggers are pretty fast which is why they will be gone soon just like this video.

" Franklin Armory BFS Gen 3 Beats a fully auto M4 "

It doesn't really beat it, the girl shooting the m4 gets really slow start on beep, but it might be a tie.
The Slidefire bump stock will allow a rate 600+ rounds per min rate of fire- with a FA carrier. That's not speculation but extrapolations from videos my brother and I made dumping 30 and 100 rd mags. Even with a FA rifle, you cannot sustain that rate of fire without damaging the barrel or other components of the rifle. The torture test that my brother and I put my AR through led me to give Del-Ton some serious respect. Tougher than a Timex. Maintains 2-3 MOA despite having gotten the barrel faintly orange.
Carriers of different weights will lead to varied rates of fire.
The novelty wears off faster than the "cyclic rate". I've returned to a more enjoyable 1-3 rounds per minute regardless of the firearm.
I'ld like to see the bump stock fire at 600 rpm... Cyclic of the M16 is a tad over 800 RPM. To do half that bumping would be good.
I'm pretty sure about the rate- with video editing software I'm sure I could get an exact number- but it's in the ballpark of what I stated. Actually- in full disclosure, we used a Timney single stage, 3lb trigger- likely a significant factor. I couldn't tell the difference between the M16 on full auto and the AR with a Slidefire stock. There was at least 10 years difference between shooting the two, so I could be off on that comparison, but I'm confident about the rate I calculated.
Looked on YouTube and first few two or three videos with the Slidefire showed ~700 rpm.
The real question is the balance of rate-of-fire versus experienced accuracy.
I have seen bumpers who were quite fast--but were not even scaring "minute of berm" accurate.
I've seen bumpers who were quite accurate, just well within semi-auto trigger performance.
As to whther "reality" hovers between those extremes, well, your mileage may vary.
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