recommend a hand primer

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I have the RCBS one with the square box and universal shell holder. I've primed large and small pistol and rifle without any problems. I would recommend it highly.
I like the Lee, but am currently using my third one in twenty five years.
Have a "brand new square Lee" ready for duty when this one's done...

Come to think of it;
Maybe I should've tried RCBS or Hornady before buying that fourth one.
The Lee one works fine for me. My only beef is that I've got a round style tray and would rather have a square tray to make dumping primers in a lot easier.
Woah, RCBS really changed their design at some point.

Mine looks nothing like that one. (Bought mine back in 1990-something)
RCBS sells two different hand primers with trays these days. The round tray version uses shell holders, the square tray version has a universal shell holder.

Then there is the APS hand priming tool which has not tray at all.

I am not sure if they changed the design of the round tray tool since the 90s but I could be wrong. I believe the universal shell holder tools are relatively new designs, 5 to 10 years or so.
Ok, I use the round one. I'd never seen one before with the Universal tray holder. Can't say I've shopped for one though. The round one has loaded thousands and thousands and thousands of primers without issue, never seen a need to replace it!

I wouldn't doubt if RCBS changed materials at some point. This is something that makes me cautious about making recommendations of something I used in the past because the current form might be substantially different than the old version.

For example;

Their old Kinetic hammers were indestructible, metal shaft affairs. Mine has survived thousands of impacts against concrete. HARD impacts (pulled quite a bit of 30 cal military brass with sealed projectiles once, it was a brutal affair.)

The new Kinetic pullers they sell are 100% plastic, no metal shaft for the hand grip; I have a friend who's broke TWO of them now just pulling 45ACP ammo he's screwed up.
Not only that, the new collet is made of some cheap arsch aluminum. I sheared off the lips in under 100 rounds whereas the old collet lasted 20 years. Maybe the new collet is made of 6061 and the old out of 7075?
Not only that, the new collet is made of some cheap arsch aluminum. I sheared off the lips in under 100 rounds whereas the old collet lasted 20 years. Maybe the new collet is made of 6061 and the old out of 7075?

Yeah my friend showed me his (fourth or fifth) collet as well, when I was over there last time.

I'm still on the original collet and my original kinetic puller from the late 90's, and I've (literally) beat the hell out of the thing. I had to buy one O-Ring once upon a time, but the original collet is still in use.
I've been considering the Hornady hand primer but for now my RCBS one (has the round plastic primer tray) is still working pretty good. I don't do a huge quantity of cartridges (50-100) at a time, and I enjoy the quiet, peaceful time in my own corner of the house..
I just bought the Lee XR, it's OK not thrilled with it. Jams a lot of primers, looks like it may not last too long as it might break.
I use the RCBS APS hand priming system which uses the priming strips, and I really like it. It has the universal shell holder. The RCBS tool gives you a great feel for when the primer is fully seated, and priming goes pretty fast.

CCI primers are available pre-loaded in the APS strips for a very small premium over the cost of boxed primers. The strips themselves last almost indefinitely, so you can reload them with any brand of primer you prefer (or find the cheapest) with the optional strip loader. The whole system seems very well designed and engineered.
Sinclair. Pricey,
Superb priming tool, but yes, they are proud of them. I have never used mine for anything but 6PPC.

As long as the primer is seated to the bottom of the primer pocket, and it isn't crushed, which is very hard to do, it will go bang, and if it goes bang, you don't have a problem.
Back in mid 70's, I started out with the die-cast Lee hand priming primer magazine back then! The I tried the RCBS die-cast tool. Finally got tired of the non-precision spongy feel of tool as it wore in (or out)..and purchased the standard solid steel constucted K&M..not the fancy dial indicator equiped one..constant use for over 20 years..same great precise feel when seating..though bluing on handle is just starting to wear a bit!
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