Refinishing my Boyds M14 Stock

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Nov 20, 2008
Well I finally bought some boiled linseed oil, fine sandpaper and steel wool to finish the Boyds stock that came on my SAI M1A. I say finishing because it did not seem like SAI or Boyds (whoever put the finish on it) really cared what it looked like when it left the factory. I was pretty dissapointed with the stock when I got it as it has a rough sanded finish and the dark stain was blotchy an hid much of the walnut grain. So far I have about 50 coats of oil over the last couple days on it with 1st sanding and now steel wool in between coats. I must say the stock looks great and I can't wait to get my M14 out of the USGI synthetic stock and back into the wood.

Anyways I guess my point is I see all these pictures of M1's and M14's in these dull Boyd's stocks. I recommend everyone with a Boyd's walnut stock go out to Walmart and spend $15 on a quart of boiled linseed oil, fine sandpaper and steel wool an get to it you will be impressed with the results. I will post pictures when I am done.
Sorry to hear that the finish on your Boyds stock wasn't satisfactory. When I bought a new M1A in 2003 the Boyds stock had a finish smoother than any of the USGI stocks that I have handled (about a dozen in excellent condition). That being said I replaced mine with a USGI one because I like the slimmer profile. Anyway I used boiled linseed oil and steel wool and got great results, though I didn't need sandpaper. But did you really use 50 coats? I only put 1 coat on my m14 stock and have been using it for 5 years and it still looks great. Anyway best of luck to you and happy new year.
Yeah I've got kind of carried away with the coats but every coat makes it look a little deeper and glossier, I probably need to stop because my wife is starting to make fun of me every time I go down stairs to rub on another coat. My Boyds definitely needed to be sanded a bit to get a smooth finish and also to remove some of the heavy stain in some areas where you could not even see the walnut grain. Btw I know some people who soak their stocks in a vat of BLO for a week before the finish is to their satisfaction. I would like to get a USGI walnut but Fred seems to no want to send me one so I have to look elsewhere.
I had pretty good luck with Fred. After I refinished a "Big Red" Winchester birch stock I went back to my new Boyd's walnut stock and used a few coats of tung oil on it and it really improved the appearance. Even more so than the looks, I think it is really important for the wood.

Please post a pic of your finished stock if you can.
My stock was pretty nicely stained and smooth but does not have the deep look of a well oiled finely finished stock. I have put on about 10 coats so far with two steel wool rubdowns but I was wondering at what point does the finish really start to pop. Mine looks better but it's a long way from being a show piece. Thanks for sharing.
Back in the summer Fred felt me worthy of a nice USGI synthetic but this time no dice and I just had to cancel the credit card as someone charged it up so now I have to reorder and cross my fingers.

I'm not sure the exact number of coats that it took to really pop but it happened and I'm really happy about the results. I am letting this coat dry overnight and then I will put the rifle in it. Like I said I probably have about 50 coats on over the past 3 days and I think I might finish it off with a nice coat of wax polish. I will post some pictures tomorrow when I get a chance to go out in the sunlight.
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