Reloading 20 Ga. Need A little Help

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Try a few Walmarts in your area. Stock levels vary store to store, you can use Brickseek to find which Walmarts have what ammo in what quantity. A store that has some quantities of other ammo, but not 20 ga. Win. AA's, should be able to order them for you.
You can learn to reload shotshells by reading a good manual.
You will not learn much by guessing and asking questions on the net.
Without reading you will not know enough to ask the right questions.

I got this 2nd hand no manual or paper with it i have been looking around seems simple to operate my original question not to sound like an ass was with the wads i have 1oz then i would need to follow a 1oz recipe Would that be correct? i understand i would need one for the fio. hulls etc... i have reloaded pistol and rifle but was wondering about shotshell thank you for all the help

so i am thinking now trash the fio. hulls
Just me but I wouldn't trash them.
Find a listed load for those hulls, get the right wads and use them.
When you go to get more hulls you might want to change.

Hodgdon has data for Fiocchi hullsonline

For target light field load it looks like Universal for the powder, heavier field loads they show Longshot.



Western also has data for Fiocchi hulls
This is V6, version 7 is out and I downloaded it but I can't seem to find it for download now.:confused:
Just for sale for 2.99.
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Fiocchi hulls are fine - depending on what you intend to do with them
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