reloading 5.56 vs. buying cheap 7.62x39

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Why to reload

I just have an AR now. I gave my AK to my son several years ago-just didn't care for it that much. Loading 223/5.56 is a bit of a pain. If you shop the sales, you won't save much money, if any. Having said that, I reload because I like to make my own ammo. That includes 45, 357 308 and 223. It is really nice not to have to depend on the local stores for my ammo. I keep a good stock of reloading supplies and during the winter months I reload a few thousand rounds of various calibers. I consider it more of another hobby than anything else.
Thanks for all the replies! I guess the 223 is the obvious choice. It seems like 7.62 has more personality because it's less popular, and I'd kinda like an excuse to get a Galil ACE in 7.62... but that's kinda a silly reason to go with 7.62 :)
"....223 is made in steel cases also..." And they're not reloadable either.
"...Is reloading rifle ammo significantly more difficult..." No. But you need more than just a press and dies.
Reloading 9mm on a single stage is a matter of technique. Mind you, so is reloading .223 or 7.62 x 39 on a single stage press.
In any case, reloading isn't about saving money. You very likely will not, but you will be using ammo tailored for your rifle.
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