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May 5, 2011
Tampa Bay
This is an unsolicited product endorsement. I've used Repackbox for boxing up my reloads for a few years now. For most its overkill, but I've had fun printing up my own labels and packing up my ammo with my own logo and all the loading data on the box. Its a good product, but my most recent experience with them i think deserves to be shared. I need a few more 30 carbine boxes, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered 2 of the 3pack samples, 6 boxes total. USPS lost that pretty promptly. So I requested a refund through Amazon after the alloted time had past, that was this past Sunday. Today, a package arrived with 12 boxes enclosed from Repackbox. Throughly pleased with the product and the company. All too often we talk about when a company does something wrong, just wanted to put it out there when a company does something right
I do the same thing when company treats my like royalty, but I also let it be known the opposite when a company treats my and my order like a piece of junk. Glad you had a great experience. I use the loading boxes from Midway cause I am cheap when I comes to item I might not order again.
I’ve wanted to try those, but I’m just plain cheap. I make mine out of recycled Diet Dr Pepper cartons.
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I love those ammo boxes you make.
I'm cheap too, I pick the real thing out of the garbage can at the shooting lanes, at the range I belong to and remark them.