Revolver Picture Thread of All Time

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My Dad picked up this great 586-4 this week.



Hey Mesinge2,
Did you have to mess with the front sight, after installing that C&S rear sight?

Wanted to put one of those rear sights on my 66 snub, but didn't know if it would mess up my POI/POA?

Nice looking revolver!
Actually I didn't. I was planning to but as it was only about 2" low at 14 yards with 240 grain Magnum loads, I just adjust my aim with it.
Grips on 586-4...?

Does anybody know who made the grips for BlackSky's 586-4?

I'd like to get a set like that!

Smith and Wesson Performance Center Model 627 8 round 357 Magnum.

I have to change out my grips for more of a handle on the recoil. 2 fingers don't do it for me.
A Pair of Colt Cobras

Ionbond Finish, Tooltech Night Sights, Badger Grips, Bobbed Hammers


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Hello friends and neighbors // I love you guys! Thanks to you and this thread there will always be another revolver to look for.

Nice custom pair of Colts Aristides.
mesinge2, that 649 looks very handy, when I'm done with my current Milsurp craze, I think I see one in my future.
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