RIA Preservative or Rust?

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Mar 1, 2016
I'm wondering if the oil/grease that the RIA guns ship from the factory in, does it turn rust color when it dries? Kind of brownish red? I'm wondering because I have a RIA A2 GI stored from several years ago. The other day I took a peek at it and it still has the original gun oil, which looks kind of brownish but still liquid, but I looked inside the barrel and it's completely brownish red all to the end. I scrubbed it and it wasn't liquid, and didn't come off.
Sounds like the standard preservative. I know there were some new Glocks floating around with a similar rust look lubricant. But it should come off with a standard cleaning.
My last RIA 1911 came drenched in preservatives .... Never seen a gun with so much goo on it. Cleaned up easily
Cosmoline gets to looking like that, too. I have a Romanian TTC I swore had a completely rusted-out barrel when I got it. Still haven't cleaned it, and I've had it since like 2015 or so. Same with my old Chinese SKS.

Drop that barrel in some scalding water for a few and see if that loosens it up some. Make sure to thoroughly dry it out quickly afterward, and then lube.
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