Richard Jewell has died

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Feb 28, 2006
While not exactly gun related, Richard Jewell, who came to national media attention because the FBI considered him a suspect in the Olympic park bombing has died of apparent complications from diabetes.

For the past three years, Jewell, 44, worked as a deputy sheriff for the Meriwether County Sheriff's department.

Jewell should be remembered as a hero, because as a security guard at the Olympics in Atlanta, he noticed the suspicious backpack, and got a lot of people out of the way before the bomb exploded. Days later, the FBI named him as their chief suspect, and the media basically convicted him before any real evidence was even uncovered. When they could find no evidence, the FBI removed him as a suspect, but a lot of damage to his credibility and name had already been done.

Years later, serial bomber Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty to that bombing in 2005 and is serving life in prison for it and other attacks

Even after his bad experience with the FBI and the media, Jewell still wanted to help the public, and became a law enforcement officer.
Did not know he had passed. How sad it is that often in our society the people actually trying to do the right thing are promptly punished for it. I think he did get a sizable settlement out of a lawsuit against the Atlanta papers however. And he did get to work in law enforcement which is what I think he always wanted to do anyway. I live in the Metro Atlanta area so I remember all the events you mentioned. At least he did manage to accomplish some good & help people.
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