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Feb 28, 2021
Several mentions about the need of much ammo on your person. Attached to your weapon or what to have on hand for mob protection. Always figured I'm a defensive not offensive type. You know head for the woods and hide while they help themselves. I'd get shot and some sucker would have my favorite weapon and ammo. I'm not as athletic as I once was. I'm more ready for drunk rednecks wanting to argue about coon hunting access. And the like. What do you think.
Pretty simple... distance matters as can creating distractions/diversions. You have to defend against a first strike before you can attack so taking cover as fast as possible is a given. You can de-escalte a lot of situations/confrontations with hostile minded or uncontrolled behavior people simply by changing the subject. People who have the ability to stay married know this. Most hostile interactions start with words being exchanged so not letting it get to the point of physical altercations should be a major priority. Even if you have to apologize when you are in the right to not let things get out of hand.

Now if someone just comes at you unannounced with bullets flying... Duck and Cover! Helps to be mobile so if immobility is a problem that someone can fix I suggest they focus on that more than quick draw and rapid fire crutches.

Maybe a metaphor is in order here. You are at the beach and sharks are in the water.... SO DONT GET IN THE WATER. Or... you are in the water and see a large shadow... GET OUT OF THE WATER. Create distance and try to remove yourself from the environment as quickly as possible. Better yet just stick to swimming pools and stay out of the ocean all together.

The last thing you want to do if defending against something like rioters is have yourself exposed and close.

Things can get a little tricky if you have your kids with you so its best to think through how to handle that in advance. You cant just run off and leave your kids trailing behind.. if they can even move. And yes I carry spare magazines.... especially when my kids are with me.

One major threat a whole lot of people never take into account when CCWing in public if an "event" where to happen is other lawful CCW holders. Taking cover and creating distance doesnt just protect you from "hostile fire" but also "friendly fire". Theres a lot of CCW holders out there that want to play Hero. At heart thats not a bad thing but trusting absolute strangers to not get overcome with emotion and be reckless is pretty naïve.
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