Romney address @ NRA St. Louis

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Aug 4, 2010
I came across this article from CNN

Romney addressed the Annual Meeting of the National Rifle Association, which drew more than 60,000 gun enthusiasts to St. Louis

Romney advisers billed the NRA address as the first in a series of speeches from the likely Republican nominee designed to shift the discussion away from a divisive primary fight and steer the political discussion toward the general election battle against Obama.

While Second Amendment rights were on the agenda -- Romney praised NRA officials and promised to stand up for the rights of gun owners -- the likely Republican nominee entered the arena with larger ambitions
This may be political but he was full of baloney during the speech. Spouted gun rights cliches and that the other party will come for your guns after the election.

Romney on EBRs:

2004 – Mitt Romney signs off on permanent ban -

"These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense," the Boston Globe quoted Romney as saying at the time. "They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people

Romney would go after guns in one second if it suited his ambitions.

I apologize to the staff for this being political. His character is not to be trusted. There is no true conversion to the RKBA.
The point that he is an NRA life member was run out at one point, but for how long? For $300 recently he could have become a "life member." I'm still voting for him in November, the "o" has got to go.
GEM, I share your concerns. However, if we allow O to come back, we are in much more danger. Fast and Furious wasn't just a game. It was a set up. It just didn't work out the way O wanted it to. Holder is an extreme threat to liberty. I suggest we become involved as never before and vote. It looks like you won't need to identify yourself so vote early and often. They will be.
One thing about Romney that you may not realize is that he seems to do whatever it is that his constituents want him to do. That is kind of the point of representative government. The people voting for him in the national election are way different than the people that voted for him in Mass. He knows that. He isn't stupid. He knows where his votes are coming from. He won't screw it up by banning anything.
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