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Ruger M77 Mark II Standard as 1st rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Unforgiven826, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Unforgiven826

    Unforgiven826 Member

    Mar 23, 2007
    I was wondering if the Ruger M77 Mark II Standard would be a good rifle as a first hunting rifle. Are they acceptable as far as accuracy and reliability are concerned? Is the .308 a good all purpose round or should I consider 30-06?

    I really don't know much about rifles except for M16's and AR's from my past years in the Military. I have not ever hunted for large game but plan on it one of these years. If you have any suggestions on other rifles in the same price range please feel free to pass on any info. Thanks
  2. fineredmist

    fineredmist Member

    May 3, 2006
    Wethersfield, Ct.
    The Rugar 77 Mk11 is a rugged all around rifle and I say that from personal experience as I have 3 of them. It is a take off of the Mauser design with all the great features of that gun. They are typical of the rifles made today with lawyer triggers which can be replaced with good aftermarket models. Look for the new models as they feature a improved trigger which is adjustable. If you plan to load your own ammo you will find that it will like longer rounds due to the long lead (a lawyer designed this). As far as choice of calibers is concerned I would recommend the .308 as it is a little less than the .30-06 in performance but recoils a lot less. Your choice of bullets is the same if you are going to load your own.
    I would also consider a Savage in .308, they are accurate and have a decent trigger if you buy a new model with their Accu Trigger.
  3. Oohrah

    Oohrah Member

    Dec 29, 2006
    So. Coast Oregon
    I agree with the previous poster with the exception of caliber.
    The 30-06 caliber is more versitile and unless limited conditions
    of your use, can be adapted to most conditions. Many more
    commercial loadings. Handloads can be tailored with either
    caliber, so it is a matter of personal choice.:)
  4. okiebuckout

    okiebuckout Member

    Dec 6, 2006
    Central US
    My father and I both have Ruger mod 77s and have shot them for well over a decade. one is a 257roberts and the other 270win. Both are very capable of taking deer down and have out to 320yrds.:cool: I am looking to upgrade in caliber for some Nebraska hunting and will be looking for a Ruger 30-06. You will not be disappointed in the rifle, either caliber. My .02 is to go for the -06, but to each his own.:p
  5. mek42

    mek42 Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    upstate NY
    I don't think that any North American game animal will be able to tell the difference between a 308 and a 30-06. Especially for a first centerfire rifle choice, the differences between 308 and 30-06 performance are small enough so as to be negligible. Handle both calibers side by side in the same model rifle and decide whether you want a short (308) or long (30-06) action.

    For a first centerfire rifle, the choice between 308 and 30-06 is really a matter of personal preference. My first centerfire rifle was a 308. My current understanding of the technical differences between the 30-06 and the 308 lead me to conclude that if I get to a point in my own shooting where I would need to tap into the limited advantages that a 30-06 does offer over a 308 then I would probably be better served by a different caliber choice than 30 caliber entirely (or at the very least move into the 30 caliber magnum choices such as 300 Win Mag). To adequately describe these differences requires the use of ballistics knowledge that I did not possess until well after I purchased my first centerfire rifle.

    The rifle in 308 that I own is a Savage 12BVSS. I did not buy this primarily for big game hunting and you might be better served with a different model - this one has a stainless heavy barrel and is quite heavy - uncomfortably heavy for prolonged offhand shooting. Back in early 2001 this rifle cost ~$700 US. I am quite happy with this rifle and I know that it still shoots better than I do.

    Good luck - go with whatever you like the best as the choice between 308 and 30-06 for a first centerfire rifle really is personal preference in my opinion.
  6. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Member

    Sep 8, 2005
    True for factory standard loadings. However, you can buy or load hot .30-06 rounds that are similar to .300 Win Mag factory rounds. Hornady Light Magnums, for example, give you that right off the shelf, for elk hunting, etc.

    Anyway I would not get the Mark II Standard right now. If it were me, I'd get the new Hawkeye. The trigger is much improved, and I believe will be added to the other models soon.
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