Ruger Max 9 Now In CA

James K2020

Jun 12, 2020
Costa Mesa, CA
An LGS chain here in SoCal is offering pre-orders for the Max 9 for under $400. Since they've never been allowed here before, just interested in any feedback from owners/users. Sounds mixed from reviews I've read.
The best thing would be for the Roster, in its entirety, to be thrown out.

The pending separate bill to make microstamping a different law might be an end run to get around the state not fighting to keep it as part of the Roster requirement, but we'll have to wait and see the state of things as the federal court case continues. I haven't been keeping as close of an eye on it as in years past. It's nice to see the nanny state having to be on the defensive, though. It's about damned time.
Good news for MAX 9 fans. This should breath some new life into the success of the pistol and encourage Ruger to keep it around a little longer.

They better not discontinue the LC9/EC9 though.
This is the 4th or 5th recent addition to the “safe handgun roster.” Glad to see some variety being added. :thumbup:

Now if this stupid roster would just go away, as it is useless. It is nothing more than “death by 1,000 cuts” to the 2A by the overlords in Sakramento.

Stay safe.
It is nice to see these laws challenged and slowly crumbling. The Sig P320 was recently added as well.

I think every gun owner in CA is waiting on the Benitez rulings. These should have a profound impact on California and hopefully bring down the roster.
How did Ruger get around micro stamping?
Thanks to Boland v Bonta preliminary injunction -

And also Renna v Bonta -

In addition to Max 9 and Sig 320, 27 more got added to the roster today. Here's a full list of pistols added since Boland preliminary injunction (43 and counting) -

Happy Days! 😁👍
Possible downside is it could slow down new models and designs coming forward. Its worth it to me for people in California to have access though. Nothing really amazing coming out anyways for the most part. Probably see a bunch of these older models that were kept in production for CA roster get axed.