Ruger SR9 Hosters and Magazine Carriers

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Jan 30, 2008
South East
Hey All,

I found that Bianchi makes a nice looking Minimalist holster to fit the SR9 (it is size 13/15--the same size as the Glock 17-19). And I know the SR9 will give me a LOOSE fit in my old XD9 holsters. Here is a link to the Minimalist page:

However, magazine carriers are a bit of a problem. The mag. carrier that fit my XD9 mags. will barley fit the SR9s. The mags will go in, but you've got to DRAG them out. So, what factory magazine size should I look for? The Bianchi mag. carrier size chart is here:

I see from the Bianchi chart that the XD mag. carriers are a size 2; while Glock17-19 mag. carriers are a size 3. If anyone with an SR9 is going to a big gun store or gun show, please bring along your SR9 magazine and get back to us here. My closes REAL gun store is 1.5 hours away, so I can't just run down and see if the SR9 magazines are about the same size as a Glock 9mm or 45 magazine.

Please let us know what you find.
Have you thought about using the search feature here!
This is from another thread here.
This is from Ruger's website.

Holster Compatability List

Galco: - Available at Ruger On-line Store
• 84120 - Cop 3 Slot - Buy Now • 84155 - Classic - Buy Now
• 84122 - F.L.E.T.C.H. Holster - Buy Now

Hunter Leather:
• 5029 - Belt Slide • 5129 - Shoulder Holster
• 5229 - Open Top • 1300 - #13 Inside the Pant

• 7001 - Thumbsnap Holster-Size 13 • 105 - Minimalist-Size 13/15
• 7115 - Thumbsnap Duty Holster-Size 13

Uncle Mike's:
• Nylon - All Size 15 • 9821 - Dual Retention
• 9521 - Pro-3 RJH and LH • 9921 - Tactical Thigh
Yes, thanks, I did try the search feature, but didn't get as far as that post. Of course, the post does not mention of magazine carriers. But I did find the same information from the Ruger website.

When I called Ruger for holsters, the parts department said they didn't have holsters or mag carriers to fit the SR9 (huh?).
When I contacted Galco, they said the part numbers from Ruger were wrong and they didn't have any holsters to fit the SR9.
When I looked at the Hunter Leather site, I couldn't find those item numbers anywhere.
I didn't look at Uncle Mike's because I wasn't looking for a nylon or duty holster.
That left me with Bianchi. I DID find those.

The 7001 is nylon and made for open carry (IMHO).
The 7115 is also a nylon duty holster.
The 105 minimalist looks nice--got that weird loop retention system, but overall a good looking little belt slide.

I still don't know what magazine size to order, but I'm thinking the Glocks might fit. If you know different, please let me know.
SR9 holster

I carry my SR-9 openly in the Galco Avenger. For duty, its the cop three slot by galco. Avenger is a better fit, though not the greatest holster unless your belt is really tight. Carry my mags in generic 17rd autoloader nylon, works well for me. Any one see any cheap SR-9 mags around?
SR9 Kydex holsters

A fine company called Alabama Holster Co makes a wide variety of kydex holsters for a large selection of handguns, including the SR9. I've been using their pocket holster for my LCP and just ordered an IWB holster for my new SR9. Their quality is excellent and prices are fair.
I just picked up a Blackhawk Serpa CQC for my SR9. Great fit and I love the retention system.
I can't answer your question as I don't have a SR-9 but there are several folks that are using them at . IIRC there are one or two folks over there that have been using them for IDPA so they must have some sort of mag carrier.
Although I wish they fit tighter on the belt, a possible solution for your mag pouches is High Noon. They do not mold their mag carriers around specific mags, but have a dual tension screw that can be loosened or tightened over a considerable range to allow for mags of differing dimensions.
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