S&W 52-2. Should I?

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Dec 12, 2006
My local GS has a nice condition 52-2 for $995. The trigger has captivated me. If I got one it's intended perpose would be to have a high end target pistol. It would not be a safe queen but would be used for trying to shoot the best groups that I could. I did a search and read a lot of positive comments about them. I took a quick look at wadcutter prices on the web and saw around $30 for a box of 50. That's steep in my opinion. Also many said that the bullet had to be flush with the case. Aren't all wadcutters flush? I also remember that a few years ago before I got into semi-autos, I couldn't find any wadcutters for my 38 specials. Are they now readily available if I am willing to pay $30 a box?

Should I buy this as pistol to shoot occasionally and will today's off the shelf wadcutters meet the specs to make a 52-2 run reliably. I would not be competing in bulls eye with it, so reliability is not imperative, but a jamming pistol is no fun.

Also, $1000 is way more than I wanted to spend for another gun so something will have to leave the safe in order to make it happen. I need another hand gun like I need another hole in my head, but the trigger on this 52-2 is sweet.

What would you do? Thanks for any input.

You are asking the same questions I did a couple of months ago.
My conclusion, I bought a Model 952 no dash.
I believe the triggers are very similar and I thought it would be more practical.
The price on mine was $1040.00 plus tax at the local Cabela's.
I bought three revolvers from them that day so they knocked a bit off each.
I have a M52-2 on pretty much the same basis. I don't compete NRA Centerfire but it is just a pleasure to shoot such a smooth accurate gun. I can't tell you to spend $1000 for a plinker because I have had mine for a while and they were not nearly that expensive at the time. If I had to choose, my M41 or High Standard Citation would stay and the 52 would go.

My advantage is that I handload and still have some wadcutters left over from my PPC days.
Ammunition availability in general is not good right now. Midway has Remington and SBR wadcutters in stock today, no other brand.

All the factory wadcutters I know of are flush seated but the H&G No 50 and other cast wadcutters had a front band and crimp groove. They were for use in revolvers and I think the .38 Super-to-Special Colt conversions would handle them. The 52, being based on a 9mm slide stroke, won't.
If you don't intend to hand load for it and shoot bullseye competition, you're probably better off getting something else, say a 1911 with a nicely done trigger job.
My friend has one and he loads for it. It is an awesomely accurate gun, but unforgiving of mistakes. If you get one you're going to want to shoot it alot. Factory ammo is not plentiful of cheap for it, so if you don't plan to reload .38 wadcutters you might want to rethink.
.38 wadcutters a very cheap to reload, 1000 is a bit too high, and a good .22 High Standard is less expensive all around - that said, I would go with a 1911 .45 lpw velocity.....
Thanks for the input guys. I'll probably pass on it. If the bullets were more readily available and cheeper, or the gun was in the $500-$600 range, I would snap it up. I really liked it though and loved the trigger.
Maybe some other time conditions will be different.
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