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S&W 625 IPSC Bullet???

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by 45Super, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. 45Super

    45Super Member

    Dec 17, 2009
    NB Canada
    Hello, Do you have any experience with either Hornady's .451 230gr FMJFP or their .451 200gr FMJCT over Titegroup in regards to accuracy and ease of chambering---I plan to try IPSC for the first time this Spring with my S&W 625 and I'm considering these bullets---a third choice would be Missouri Bullets .452 230gr LRN. Comments please,thank you.
  2. transtech

    transtech Member

    Jun 17, 2009
    Both of my 625-4's (5 in. barrels) just love Hornady's 185gr. Jacketed semi-wadcutter and will give me one-hole groups @ 25 yds. from sandbags when loaded with 4.5grs. of Hodgdon Clays in RP AutoRim brass with Winchester LP primers, but if I lighten the trigger pull by backing out the strain screw I have to go to Federal LP's for reliable lighting. Like that bullet so much I got tons of them from TJ CONEVERA at about half the price you'd get them anyplace else that has them, and there aren't many places that have them. It's an encapsulated bullet not FMJ so there's no leading whatsoever and Clays is a clean powder to begin with.
    The RP AR brass is, of course, a revolver rimmed case and you load one round @ a time but there is a speedloader for it. If you want speed-reloading, you're probably better off with the ACP cartridge and the 6-shot moon clips, though, but I have found a better load for the ACP case with the Hornady is 5.0grs. of VV N320, RP case, Remington primer.
    I don't like loading 45 AR or ACP with Titegroup much because of soot stains, but if I did with those bullets I'd start with 4.5grs. & go up even though Hodgdon data says you can start @ 5.0grs. & go up to 5.5 max. Hodgdon's published overall length of 1.195 is right on target for either case and will chamber just great with the right crimp since this is a .451 diam. bullet, not a lead .452, although @ that OAL the bullet does look like it's sticking out of the case too far if you've been loading H&G68 style 200gr. lead swc's to 1.250, the usual OAL for them. IMHO, this bullet would be more accurate them either of your first two choices, the same price or cheaper or lots cheaper (if TJ Conevera has any left) than the other two Hdy. bullets, & I wouldn't think twice about going up against the Missouri bullet with the AR/Clays load, even though the MO. lead is good stuff, the Hdy. 185 JSWCenc. just shoots that much better than lead in my 625's.
    Just my 2 cents, but hope this helps.
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