S&W Shield : What are the facts ?

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On the Springfield XD's and XDS's I cant always engage the grip safety and it will often fail to fire for me . But for some reason I have no trouble with my 1911 grip safety.
I've never understood the safety hate. Besides, the Shield safety is recessed & tiny. Too easy to leave the safety disengaged for those that hate safety features. I like the XD grip safety, which requires a firm grip, and secondary benefit minimal chance of the dreaded limp wrist induced malfxn's.

I owned a Shield40 when they first became available. I was one of the unlucky ones to have the inadvertent mag drop ... mag drop w/o pressing the mag release. I sold it! Now, I have another Shield40 I bought NIB a couple of months back. I've had no malfxns. I also have an XDs45, which I'm more accurate with compared to my Shield. In fact, I've found for me a one-hand grip works best for the Shield.

I will say my Shield40 has a very snappy recoil... this is very subjective. However, I have other .40S&W cal handguns not associated w/snappy turtle. My XDs45 seems to have little recoil for being so small. I should've waited for a Shield9. It is my understanding S&W stopped selling the 40 to 9 conversion barrel. Otherwise, I'd already purchased same.

I bought a used M&P9C, and shortly afterward had the Apex DCAEK installed, which made a world of difference. So, when I bought the Shield40 they installed the Apex DCAEK while I waited. IMO, my XDs45 trigger axn was good from day one.

Regards to the sights, I'm a TruGlo GRN TFO fan. These sights are on both my M&P's, as well as my Glocks. I like the red front sight that comes stock on the XDs.

If, I'd bought the XDs45 before the Shield, then I would not have bought the Shield. I must say many complain, legit concerns, that the XDs fails to go in battery. I've not had such problem. The XDs needs to be racked fully back then let go of slide, making sure to not ride the slide forward.
Soldiernurse's post reminds me I left two items off mine: Recoil and safety.

Recoil on the 9mm isn't bad. I'd say it's on par with my old Kimber Pro Carry II, commander-sized, aluminum-framed 1911. It's noticeable, but still quite pleasant for a range session. It doesn't batter your hand. Recovery for next shot isn't as quick as a full sized gun, but not really bad, either.

The safety lever is well-designed. It's easy to swipe off (in the proper direction, too), but if you chose to carry with it off, it's not going to accidentally reengage.
I'm very pleased with the M&P Shield (9mm). I've not had any problems with it (800 rounds). It carries comfortably & easily IWB. It's a soft shooter and pretty accurate. (I did replace the sights with the XS Big Dot). I like, but don't love, the trigger. I don't use the safety, but it doesn't bother me.

I really like mine. A lot.
I've owned or own them all...

...all the pocket 9s that is. The beauty is in the simplicity. Kahr CM9. None of the rest matter to me any more.
My Shield 9mm, XDS 9mm and Glock 26 all work perfectly. Not a failure with any of them. When I got the Shield the trigger was pretty rough. A lot of spraying and dry firing as well as actual firing has cleaned that up. I had the front sight moved over a little. I could not move it myself. The gun is accurate and feels good in my hand. I feel like I have the carry gun I have always wanted after twenty years of going from one gun to the next.
Mine runs. accurate and nice trigger. Fits my big hand well. I can toss it in a front pocket with the small mag. What holsters are you guys using for ccw?
PM9 same thing as above, I am done looking after 40 + years. It is perfect for 90% of things you "could possibly need a gun for". I don't think any gun is perfect for 100%.
My Shield 40 is fantastic

0 problems

The Bersa, Kahrs, Sigs, CZs, have all gone

The Shield 40 and M&P45C are the only 2 that made the cut for me....

They are both never sell guns.....
I have a Shield in 9mm. I got the Apex trigger kit for it, which helped the trigger pull/feel. I have had some failures to eject/extract. However, I think the problem is with one specific magazine. All of my problems have occurred with the same magazine. I'm going to exclude that mag from future range sessions and run the gun in with several hundred rounds.

My shield shot left (significantly left) when I brought it home. Since I had the trigger kit installed, the armorer had to remove the rear sight, so he trued it up for me. So far I'm pleased with this gun, and I think it will become my IWB as long as the reliability holds up.
I have noticed that the sights on the shield have a tendency to be "off" to the left side, "noticeably", from the factory. I could see mine the first time I really looked at it with a magnifying glass, "eyes are older now" I saw it when shooting it, but made sure it wasn't me. It needed a drift punch to the right. Maybe the first batch was not up to par.
The front, it's been reported in several other posts I have read, where folks had the sight moved when they had other work done. They had to be heated up first from the past few threads I read due to locktight being used to secure it. I can't swear to that but after hitting mine with a drift punch and hammer, I decided to leave it alone, as it didn't move.
I eventually traded it for a 9C.
Further comments on mine:

1. Recoil is subjectively mild. Factors affecting this include that I have slender fingers and can get a full grip on the Shield, and that my carry ammo is standard pressure 147-gr. Is it as mild as a Glock 19 or a 9mm Combat Commander? No. But compared to a Kahr PM9 it is mild, and I think it's a little less than a P9 as well, although I have not shot one of those in quite some time.

2. I have had no reliability issues. Mine is a very early serial number 9mm, purchased the day after the NRA show when the gun was announced. It does not appear to be sensitive to bullet weight, power level (standard, +P, or +P+), or bullet design.
I have a 9mm shield, and a full size 9mm M&P.

The shield is surprisingly comfortable to shoot. The recoil impulse feels quicker than the full size gun, but it is still comfortable and manageable with the extended 8-round magazine. The 7- round magazine is still shoot able, but without a full grip on the gun, I find it to be uncomfortable. I have an extra 8-rounder, so I've decided not to use the 7 round magazines.

I can't comment on accuracy. From 21 feet, I can put all the rounds in a 10" circle, but I'm not a good pistol shooter. With some more practice, I sure I will improve...

Reliability has been good so far. Like the full size M&P, it's cycled every ammo I've put through it. I buy whatever is on sale, so I'm not one to be picky about ammo myself.

I'm left handed and keep the safety deactivated. Hasn't been a problem so far, as the safety stays in position very well.

I just need a holster for it. My personal opinion is that it's a great gun...
Every person who likes a product (gun, power tool, cell phone) doesn't take to the interwebs to pump it up, but it seems that most with problems do.

It's a skewed sample of reality.

If you read long enough online, you'll find whatever it is you want to believe, good or bad.
I don't always carry a sub-compact 9mm, but when I do it is a M&P Shield.

Stay thirsty my friends
I have a Shield .40. For the first 500 rounds I had no issues, then suddenly the magazines began to drop out while firing. Not 100% of the time, but enough to become a serious issue during a CCW class. It wasn't an issue of hitting the magazine release, and was verified by several instructors as well as many similar issues online.

I called S&W and they had me send it back for repair. 3 weeks later it was returned and I've had no issues with it so far. They didn't mention what it was, but it must have been the mag catch.

Now I hear of the "IMPORTANT CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT and INSPECTION PROCEDURE - August 22, 2013" for the firearm. I check mine and it doesn't have an issue. However, it has completely ruined my faith in the firearm. What other issues exist? What will show up at the worst possible moment?

Sure its very small and conceals great! But whats a firearm worth if you can't trust it anymore.
I know that the internet is famous for rumors and bull-crap. I am wanting to get a S&W Shield. I have the money but just keep reading about problems here and there. I know that a new product will have "growing pains" and problems but I am hearing FTE , FTF, rust, Failure to return to battery, magazines falling out and on and on . I hear this on S&W forums and other gun forums like Glock forums and such.

Mine's been 100% and not had any of the issues mentioned above.

The trigger safety on mine is good to go as well.
What other issues exist? What will show up at the worst possible moment?

That's true about any firearm. From poorly heat treated 1903 Springfields to Glocks infamous "Phrase 3" malfunctions, it's always (IMHO) good to have "Plan B" for any defensive tool. :scrutiny:
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