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Safe vs. RSC

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Nuclearmike, Jan 22, 2006.

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  1. Nuclearmike

    Nuclearmike Member

    Oct 8, 2003
    I need a safe or at least some kind of container that can be locked and not easily carried away. I have read with interest many of the threads here and the pro's and cons of various attributes of the RSC aka gun safes. My questions have to do with "real safes". Suppose an oppurtunity came about to purchase a used bank or jewelers safe with unknown fire rating. What does, say, an inch of steel on each side translate into fire resistance? Besides the fact that safes seem to weigh a heck of a lot more than RSCs are there any disadvatages to buying one that has been reconditioned by someone such as a locksmith? What should one look for or avoid in used safes? Of the ones I have seen on the net the biggest obstacle to getting one is often the shipping. A lot of them can only be picked up locally.

    Frankly, appearances are unimportant to me. Whatever I get will live out in the garage due to structual and space limitations.

    Thanks in advance,
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