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SAS/SAFER Rally Report

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by XLMiguel, May 9, 2004.

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  1. XLMiguel

    XLMiguel Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Santa Fe, NM
    Just got back from a nice afternoon with the SAS folks at Freedom Plaza in downtown DC. The rally went well, good speakers including Maria Heil, Ted Nugent's Wife (I can't remember her first name, goos sspeaker though), John Lott, among them.

    Turnout was a little disappointing with about 250-300 tops. The MMM, OTOH, had 6-700 folks, but 2/3 of which were under 12 (I didn't sse them, one of the guys I spoke with had walke over to check it out -). TRT was there, as was a good contingent of New Jersy folks (didn't get which exit:D ) in attendence, as well as folks from all over. SAS had reps from most of the lower 48, really an impressive group of dedicated people. One of the speakers, a black lady from Texas, read a neat poem -


    By Vincent De Pascale, J.D.

    I am maligned by the ignorant alone. Of my own nature, I am neither good nor evil, I just am, I come in many sizes, and all are effective in the hands of the competent.

    I am misused by the criminal element.

    I, not carelessness, ineptitude, or reckless disregard, am blamed for accidents which simple common sense would have prevented.

    I cause less than .1 of 1 percent of the deaths in the United States, but I am classed with the greatest disasters in history.

    I have saved thousands than I have taken; I have prevented countless more Injuries than caused; yet the self-serving would destroy me.

    I am the first thing of which people are deprived, when the Intention is to deprive them of all else.

    Were it not for me, the small, weak, and the helpless would be at mercy of the large, the strong, and mighty.

    I have been with same of the greatest men in history—--and same of the worst. When I have been with the best, the man gets the credit; when I have been with the worst, I get the blame.

    I have no Independent volition.

    I have protected more people than aft the policemen in the world, for I am more numerous, and, I protect the policeman.

    I safeguard the weak in their homes, the honest In their businesses, and the lawful In their streets,

    I question why I am blamed for the existence of crime as I prevent an infinite number more than I assist, when the automobile, which kills thousands and injures millions each year Is glamorized.

    The politicians who would control both government and the people would subvert me to their use, and otherwise see me destroyed or outlawed.

    I am, and have been, the instrument whereby the few have provided law and order to the many.

    The naive would believe that my elimination would end crimes that existed before I was a glimmer in the mind of man; Cain did not shoot Abel, nor do I remember Caesar being shot.

    The unlawful and unworthy make an effort to convince the lawful and trusting that I should be eliminated when I am the force that stands between the former and the latter.

    I am as constitutionally protected as freedom of speech, the right to counsel, and freedom of religion.

    I am the first thing of which people are deprived, when the intention is to deprive them of all else.

    I reach the conclusion that I am the block between the criminal and his victim, the politician and hIs dictatorship, freedom and invasion, honor and servitude, being secure in your beds and the knock in the night.

    I enjoyed all the speakers, but this lady was refreshing in that she was quite contrry to what you hear from the black 'leadership' in that she insists that the violence will stop when we change people's hearts and quit using race, economics, guns, and social factors as an excuse (MMM take note, there will be a quiz-). Amen.

    All in all, a pleasant day with kindred souls, but I wish more conservatives/libertarians were more activistically inclined.
  2. Jeff OTMG

    Jeff OTMG Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    OKC, Ok. and Austin, TX part time
    Thank you for attending. I am ashamed that I FORGOT about the whole event until last week and I had booked plane tickets for May over a month ago. I was there in 2000, but this year they kept it kind of quiet and I forgot all about it. I am so sorry, I wish I could have been there to offer my support. Marching against them was actually fun! I never got to protest before.
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