Savage in .30-06?

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Dec 25, 2002
Salem, Oregon
Okay, I am trying to sort through the alphabet soup on the Savage model numbers and could use some input.

I intend to begin reloading .30-06 and since I have two Garands I'd like to get a bolt action rifle in the same caliber to economize on dies and other reloading bits and pieces.

Of the Savage models, which is practical for general target shooting and maybe some hunting? I understand that Savage is pretty good out of the box and am curious as to Accutrigger, Accustock, etc., etc.

I do not want a model that comes with scope as I may be dinking with iron sights and will make my own choice on glass.
By general target shooting, are you asking 1-1.5moa? If so most out of the box savages will give you atleast that. I dont believe savage offers an open sights option on any of there standard bolt guns anymore. You could probably get one made by the custom shop. I cant off hand think of anyone that still offers open sights on standard rifles, well non task specific standard rifles.
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Don't know if you want wood or synthetic....but Savage makes great rifles out of the box in 30-06 and others. Weather Warrior series 16/116 in 30-06 is a synthetic stainless barrel....Hunter series in 30-06 11/111 is a synthetic....the American Classic series 14/114 in 30-06 in wood.....none have iron sights....all are drilled and tapped for this caliber and others....I love the accutriggers on mine....none are accustock so I can't comment on that. The two digit number denotes short action calibers and the three digit number denotes long action calibers (like the 30-06) ...if memory serves me correctly.
It would be good to be in the 1 MOA range. Just looking for the best I can expect in a blue collar priced rifle.

At least I'd like the accuracy to be a known level so that I will be able to know where the lack of accuracy is on my part. When I begin reloading there will be another factor to deal with.

My shooter Garand can do around 2 to 2.5 MOA with iron sights and surplus ammo but I do not know how much of that is the rifle or ammo and how much is me.
Yeah, the 3 digits are what I'm looking at. SS is stainless, not sure what the FC, etd. are. I like wood, but this will just be a shooter so maybe synthetic would give me less anxiety about damage.

I tend to like the idea of a removable magazine, but do the other options have upsides that I should consider?
Two years ago I bought a Savage "Edge" in .30-'06 just to keep the vintage Model 70's out of the woods.
Topped with a Nikon Prostaff 3x-9x it ain't a bad rifle even with a somewhat HARD trigger.
I'm shooting 180 grain Remington Core-Lokt reloads into 1.5 " at 100 yds.
No complaints!.
The only Savage I've been able to shoot was an Axis. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with it overall. Even that rifle was shooting about 1.5 MOA, and it may very well have been the shooter that was limiting it.

Only thing about the rifle that concerned me (aside from a heavy trigger - easy fix) was inconsistent feeding. The rifle seemed to have difficulty getting rounds out of the magazine (the bolt would skim right over the top of them). Not sure if the higher-end Savages have this problem, but I would hope not.
FC designates detachable mag. Really you dont NEED any of the extra options, but they are nice. If your just looking for a cheap shooter, a 111 base model (fns), will usually shoot just as well as a more expensive model. The one add on that might change that would be the accu-stock, but ive not had a chance to play with one. Next savage i get might ware one of those stocks, just to see how much of a difference it makes
To be honest tho, I wouldnt be happy with a savage 110 based rifle that shot over 1.5MOA...they generally shoot much better, both of mine do.
same caliber to economize...

I did the same thing a while back. Having a Garand, 03a3 and a M1917, I wanted to keep things simple too. At the time I had a nice gift certificate to Dicks and bought the Savage F111. Just this past weekend I took it out of the back of the safe where it's been for a long time and was again pleasantly surprised how accurate it was - 3 of 4 shots touching and the 5th an inch off. And this is the one without the accutrigger. I shoot a lot of milsurps so the trigger isn't a big issue.
The best deal imo is the Savage 110 at Walmart. However, it comes with an attached scope as well as the internal magazine and the accu trigger for right under $400. Our local Walmart is $387, but the one up the road is $397. Then you can sell the scope and rings for $30 or so, and have one heck of a gun for under $400 OTD. Everyone I've shot has produced groups under 1" with factory ammo, and closer to .5" or under with handloads.

Now, if you want a detachable magazine, step up to to the 111's that have it, and you can get a very similar gun with the detachable magazine. It seems like the 111's even with internal magazines are about $150 more than the 110's for some reason though. I don't see why, as I don't see a difference between the two other than the model number.

Then if you want wood, step up to the 114. These are beautiful rifles, and if I wanted a nice Savage that I wouldn't beat around this is the way I'd go. If I just wanted a gun to beat around on the 110 would be better imo.

They also have the 116 which as mentioned is the synthetic stock and a stainless barrel. This is also a very nice gun, and you can't go wrong with it if you want a SS barrel.

In my opinion the accu trigger is worth every penny. I love it. It breaks clean with little to no creep. It can be adjusted down to 2.5lbs on the regular models, and even less on the target models. While I like a trigger a little closer to 1.5lbs on my target guns, the 2.5lbs is about perfect on a hunting rifle. They are my favorite factory trigger I've used.

As for the accu stocks, I can't comment on them as I've never used one.
I've not looked at the scoped version as I was leery that they might not be up to the same level as the non scoped given the price. Also, I did not want to pay for a scope that will probably be replaced. If the two versions are the same shooting quality and have Accutrigger the price may make buying the scoped version worth while.
I bought a Savage 11/111 in .30-06 with the accutrigger and scope. I felt the same way, got a great deal on the one with the cheap scope and have already replaced it with something far better. I figured it was an easy write off.

I have a few pics in a thread on this page if you want to see it.
I love Savages :) I have owned 5 of them, all great shooters. My only issue with the savage in 30-06 is the 22" barrel, I just perfer 24" (or longer) in long actions to control the muzzle blast but that is a minor issue. All but one of mine were synthetic stock and I never had any accuracy issues, in fact they were all sub moa even with factory loads, yeah they felt cheap but functional for sure.
...I think ive said it before (im sure i have infact), but i dont get why everyone hates on the injection molded stocks, they ARE what they ARE. Your not going to get a 200+ dollar stock on a production gun that retails for under 600 bucks. Every one Ive personally ever owned (savage, and remington mostly), has done exactly what it was supposed to do, and all of my guns have shot pretty well.
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