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Aug 1, 2010
I was wondering if anyone knew if Washington State issued out of state carry permits. I have a Connecticut carry permit however I visit Seattle quite often as my girlfriend lives there. Is it possible for an out of state resident to acquire an out of state permit.
Much thanks!
There is no such thing as a Washington State non-resident Concealed Pistol License.

You simply apply at a sheriff's office and they send you the same CPL as they would a resident. You cannot apply by mail.

It can take up to 60 days.

I wrote a book (update currently in progress for 2011) about WA state gun laws, and this is a question that frequently comes up.
No. I don't recall having to prove residency when I got mine almost 2 years ago either, but I definitely didn't have a WA state ID.
SkinnyGrey said:
my understanding is i would need a washington i.d. is this the case?
No. It's my understanding that they will issue to non-residents.

But it's also my understanding that Washington State honors Utah and Florida non-resident permits. One of those should be reasonably easy for you to get.
Dave - Where could I get a copy of that book?

SkinnyGrey- I'd look into getting a Utah carry permit, WA recognizes them along with many other states.
I'll second the idea of getting a Utah permit. You can take the class from a certified instructor in your own state, and apply by mail. It's good in more states than a Washington permit, too.
Just stop by the county sheriff's office next time you're in Washington. IIRC, you might want to check ahead of time what form of payment they will accept, I think I just took cash. It was something like $55 for a 5 year permit. They'll issue to you regardless of what state you're from, the catch is they won't do it by mail (and that includes replacement and renewels). Mine took about 3 weeks to arrive. No training requirement, either.
I have one as well and did as described by others. It was easier than getting one in my home state of Montana...which I thought was easy. Show up, pay the fee and go through the short procedures and wait for it to show up in the mail. Mine only took a couple weeks.
It's a great book, I picked it up at Adventure Sports last spring when I was getting back into shooting and it helped as a refresher.
Aside from the OP's question, I want to point out Washington State has a long history of "shall issue" licenses to carry a concealed pistol. It was already a longstanding tradition when I moved here in 1977 and I gather it got started back in the 1930s when the Federal government clamped down on NFA arms. The unwritten custom here is open carry in the woods and concealed carry in town. Upstanding citizens are presumed to be armed. Cuts down on the random attempts at robbery. And, we have no state income tax. Land of the free. - CW
Dave, WA state law requires the issuing authority to deliver the CPL in no later than 30 days, provided the applicant is eligible.

The applicant in this case would be an out of state resident, therefore the time limit goes to 60 days.
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