Sheridan engineering slotted case gauge. (Product review)

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Oct 14, 2005
Northwest Arkansas
For those looking for a case gauge check out Sheridan engineering. I got mine in the mail today and besides having a cool slot to show you what your problem may be it also does a couple other things other gauges do not.

It gauges 3 headspace specs, go, no go and SAAMI ammo and unlike some it does gauge case diameter as well. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1406399410.746076.jpg
Pretty sweet. What did you pay for it if you dont mind me asking?

Nevermind, imagine that, i see it right there on the page you linked-60$
I like it!

Long time overdue from L.E Wilson, and other major players!

That right there does it all it seems!

There's only so much of a review possible

By itself, a true statement. However, more could be included. Price, finish, ease of use, comparison to the competiton, advantages over a non-slotted. You could also take it to work and sneak it on the CMM to report on how close it compares to the SAAMI spec. Something about the manufacturer, availability, shipping time. I bought the non-slot 300 AAC a few months ago, they were out of the slotted and a few weeks out on manufacture.
Fair enough.

The manufacturer was very prompt and responsive answering my emails as per availability. From PayPal to in my hand was less than a week.

Price is listed on their web page $60

Besides being a fascinating cut away the slot let's me see in the case of 300blk that is made from 223 that my shoulders are properly formed. It would also allow a person to determine if a buckled shoulder or long headspace is preventing proper gauging
Gages with slots have been around for a long time. Reloaders claim the person that built their rifle also made the cut out gage, same reamer cut both the chamber and the gage.

To make a cutout gage use a chamber gage, use a mill and or a band saw, then finish. A resourceful reloader can use a chamber cut from a barrel.

I transfer the dimensions of the chamber to gages, I find no advantage to cut out gages, I prefer datum based tools.

F. Guffey
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