shooting at delaware courthouse hours before biden gives anti-gun speech in philly

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Dec 20, 2005

I'm not suggesting a connection first off. But we know Joe, and I am curious as to how he will use this....and you know he will.

If/when he mentions it, the irony is that apparently, a lone man walked into a heavily secured area and shot his wife. He was apparently quickly dispatched. Had there not been armed opposition, who knows the greater harm that likely would have been done. Also, the man clearly had no concern for what he must have known the ultimate outcome would be.....more evidence that people intent on doing evil will simply do it; the root cause of the problem is human nature, not access to inanimate objects that they may or may not use as tools. Let's see if Joe addresses the problem with the actor, not the tool.
Did they have metal detectors? More proof that gun free zones are meaningless to these suicidal nutjobs.

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It was a county courthouse in the middle of a decent-sized city. It's a very new building with all the security bells and whistles. He did it right in front of a massive array of metal detectors and between 8 and 10 armed security and police. And it looks like he probably used a semi-auto handgun, which could prove an inconvenient detail for Joe and his Beretta.
Is anyone else starting to think that the timing for some of these things is a little too ironic/perfect?

I find it difficult to fully believe that an armed person could make it into a courthouse (places that normally have tight security) and commit such a crime, a mere couple of hours before the V.P. by pure coincidence is giving a speech on gun control.

There are certain things about these recent events (besides the loss of life) that just don't seem 100% kosher to me.
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Metal detectors, uniformed cops, or whatever; its very difficult to stop a person who is determined to commit murder and mayhem.
Joe's speech in Philly is known to have been coming. Maybe this guy decided there was no better time to make his statement. Who knows.
I think this frenzy of legislation is bringing the evil people out or it may not even be related. We need a cooling off period. I doubt the gov will listen though.
I didn't hear about this yet!

I was raised in Wilmington. And I hope to move back someday. I never considered it a dangerous place, but I guess the crime stats tell another story.

I live in Dover now (DE capitol). People here consider northern Delaware, Wilmington in particular to be "Southern Philadephia"...
I'm not suggesting a connection first off.

This kind of stuff happens all the time...we're only hearing about it because gun control is big in the news right now. The media knows Biden's giving a speech, what better filler before the speech than a story on gun crime. It's not some sort of conspiracy, just the media running with any story that seems related, no matter how tenuous, to the current hot topic. If gun control wasn't a big issue right now, it probably would have remained a local news story.
I'm not a "Conspiracy Theory" kind of guy {Foggy said, while adjusting/smoothing out his metallic headwear} but there DOES seem to be several things that are more than just half a bubble off level.
Well, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck......
Public servant, DE senator tom carper has taken the time to quickly come out and inform us that this is a reminder of our urgent need to have a "conversation" about how to reduce gun violence. Nevermind that this has none of the hallmarks of the sort of gun violence that people of his ilk are rallying against.
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