shot 1st reloads got ????

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Axis II

Jul 2, 2015
First off I want to thank everyone on this forum who has answered my outrageous number of questions it has helped me a lot and calmed my nerves a bit.

I loaded 5 each of 223 hornady v max from hornady book minimum for H335 and cci 400 primers 20.8 to 22gr going up .3gr per each 5. I was a little scared at first but shot the first 5 and was fine.

I shot at 100yards with a savage axis heavy barrel on front bipod and rear bag. the first group was open a bit but going good I was at least in the bull area. load 1 was 5 shots with 2 in the same hole but then opened up a bit to 1.5 inch groups. load 2 5 shots produced the same with 2 in the same hole and other now 2 inch groups, load 3 produced the best at 5 shots all almost touching, load 4 was the same with 4 touching and 1 a little off, load 5 was with cci450 primers on the recommendation from RELOADER RON groups shrunk a bit but load 6 shot 3 rounds all touching the same hole, well a little bit because I only had 3 of that load and forgot what target I was shooting but it hit bulls eye, load 7 with cci 450 opened up a bit.

IMO the reason some of these opened was I didn't let the gun cool down as it was 70 degrees outside and I forgot to let it cool between groups cause I was just so excited that they all went bang! hahaha.

Plus I was getting a bit of a head ache and not on my A game. I will post pictures for you guys tomorrow. cant get my laptop to work right.

when I get the pictures posted I would like you guys to help me tighten them up a bit. I'm way far from max so would like to see how high I can go as these will be 300 yard hunting rounds so I need a little speed.
Let the barrel cool! I take a couple of rifles with me to run load tests on, so I shoot one, let the other cool.

You can always set the timer on your cell phone and relax for a few minutes between groups. Or sip on some coffee.
Yes. Bring two rifles and work the one and practice with the other between shots. I have only been to one range where this was not allowed. One rifle at a time rule.

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I can shoot how ever many I want. I guess I got on a roll with them actually holding a decent group so forgot.
Congratulations on getting out and checking out some of your home brew. Sounds like things went well. Actually 70 degree ambient air isn't bad, we will be seeing some 80 and 90 degree days ahead. Just take notes and work those groups.

I think I posted them right but that's the groups I got last night on my first run.

I was using new Remington brass FL sized, cci 400 primers with 20.8gr of H335 then upped .3gr per 5 rounds until I hit 22gr.

groups 1-2,3 4 was cci 400.

5, 6, 7 was cci 450 primers. group 6 was 3 shots but I forgot what page I was shooting at and hit the red dot on the other page which got thrown away but same group.

I had the gun on a bipod and the barrel didn't cool so that could be a factor.

honestly what do you guys think? any tips to tighten those up a bit and maybe get a little more speed?
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The thing I have found about reloading is this, The cheapest round you build with your hands usually is more accurate than any round you can buy. Even the very expensive rounds by big companies. Plus, when you load it yourself, you know exactly what went into it and what the result should be!
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