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SHTF GEAR: Cool Holsters for Hot Days or Any Season!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Accessories, Holsters, and Optics' started by CZF, Aug 19, 2014.

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  1. CZF

    CZF Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Choices! Choices!

    That's what the warmer months mean to many of us this time of the year or even a few months earlier when the temps start to rise around the nation.

    Should a person go with a full sized service pistol like a 1911 Government model or ..Commander, a P-07 Duty or an even bigger CZ97B like I've carried in the past?
    Then there are what are called the Compact guns, smaller in most dimensions than the
    military and police type service pistols. This would be the Glock 19 and the SIG P228/229
    if you are into SIGs. Not to mention, the excellent M&P Compacts that are on the market.
    Ease of carry and concealment, along with a good modem of power is the goal there.

    The Sub-Compacts really shine when even the Compacts are too big and heavy to carry.
    My choices have been the CZ 2075 RAMI in 9mm, and both the Glock 33 in .357 SIG, and the
    Glock 26 in Nine. I'll add that Ruger's stainless SP-101 5-shot 38/357 is also a good choice and has spent some time on my hip as well.

    However, when it's really hot out--sometimes even the sub-compacts don't cut it.

    This means an even smaller semi-auto pistol or a smaller framed revolver is needed or

    Most feel that these "Pocket Pistols" are ideal for hot climates when t-shirt and shorts
    are the daily attire, or you need to have deep concealment of a firearm for your workplace
    or other venue. Pistols from the stoic Walther PPK line to the newest sensation for Glock
    owners, the not quite pocket sized ( for some) Glock 42 in .380. The Ruger LCP (also in .380 caliber) is also very popular.

    Other summer carry guns might include a j-frame or the light and smooth to shoot Ruger
    LCR or the LCRx models.

    I even carried a Micro Desert Eagle .380 pistol for one summer.
    All of these options for pistols and revolvers, leaves a big question as to what Quality
    holster you need or want to carry your choice in...or in some cases ..multiple choices?

    One company that's been cranking out excellent Hybrid ( A blend of both natural
    cowhide and kydex or some other synthetic material) IWB (inside the waistband)
    holsters for a few years now, is SHTF GEAR.. located in Utah.

    Myself, having came across them on Defensive Carry forum in Jan of 2013, was
    surprised that they offered holsters for CZ and Glock handguns, but nothing
    for the CZ 2075 RAMI models (Alloy and Polymer frames/decocker) at that time.
    Well, all of my emails to them and... waiting until last month.. finally paid off.

    Clay and crew at SHTF now indeed offer RAMI holsters, and in their case for the
    RAMI BD ( has a small decock lever) holster fit my allow framed/safety model like a glove!

    A DECADE Of EXCELLENCE: With over 25 years of carrying CZs of some sort and 10 years with my RAMI and a few months with a CZ-USA Cutomized a RAMI P (Polymer Frame) I know what
    is a good holster for a RAMI and a not so good one.

    I will try to save some bandwith in this review, and Link the larger pics of
    both SHTF GEAR holsters and their proprietary magazine carrier.

    The brown box with the SHTF GEAR fan logo arrived a few days after I requested the
    gear for review.

    Strating with the RAMI (BD) tagged holster, it comes in a plastic bag with a decal and allen wrench for
    adjusting their new Generation 2 holsters that now feature adjustable retention!

    Why am I so excited? Well, I've often wanted a tad more rentention in some of my
    Hybrid holsters and now SHTF is giving me that.

    While I'm no longer leading a narcotics interdiction team or tasked with arresting dangerous
    felons, I like the have my holsters adjusted for both good retention, and also to be fairly fast on
    the draw.

    The SHTF ACE-1 ( Always Combat Effective) holster is 100% American Made, and a very high quality IWB for the $59 (plus shipping) price point.

    I've had holsters from them in the past that included both black and brown belt clips
    and leather or synthetic mesh belt loops.

    Like the CZ 2075 RAMI holster the Glock 42 .380 holster came with the black belt clips.

    These pics show the box and packaging:



    The RAMI holster fits wonderfully and I only had to adjust the screws a little bit for
    my desired rentention.
    A very good looking to right handsome holster with or without my RAMI inserted.
    The (optional) SHTF GEAR horizontal Magazine carrier enhances the top quality look.
    They use Kevlar sitching and quailty hardware on all of their holsters.

    Here is the rear view of the
    RAMI ACE-1:

    My RAMI carried very well over the two week evaluation time.
    A couple times out to dinner, and of course the Wal-Mart break in trip, where it rode
    very secure, but still as comfortable as my other SHTF GEAR and other brand IWBs.
    The holster was the right height in my waistband, and we got along famously!
    I do like the high "sweatguard" on the ACE-1 holsters, and often overlook that
    on some holsters when reviewing such.
    The Generation 2 ACE-1s seem to have a deeper SHTF LOGO imprint than say my earlier holsters do.


    One of the neat things about the ACE-1 or most Hybrid holsters is the ability
    to tuck your shirt, and only leave the clips exposed on your belt.


    sing this feature...one can hardly spot than I'm carrying a Sub-Compact 9mm with a double-stack magazine.

    Hybrid for your Pocket Rocket :

    Moving onto what I consider to be as sweet a holster as the GEN 2 ACE-1
    for my RAMI.

    Here is the G42 ACE-1 from the package:


    Empy holster showing the kevlar stitching and also featuring the adjustable rentention
    screws like the RAMI holster.

    My (wife's) Glock 42 inside the ACE-1
    From the back you can see how you can adjust it for height.
    The gun and holster combo concealed easily under a summer weight shirt

    The G42 seemingly dissappears when tucked in.


    Talk about a lightweight and comfortable holster to carry your .380 around the town in!

    Carrying a Spare, SHTF GEAR Style:
    Their Horizontal Mag Carrier or just single mag pouch appears to be of some sort of rubber or other synthetic material, but like their holsters, also of good quality.

    Velcro patches allow it to be mounted on your belt in a hurry, or taken off
    even faster. The flap secures with said velcro as well.
    I found that my RAMI 14 shot magazine with the funky baseplate didn't want to fit in
    it well..

    but the smaller and thinner Glock 42 .380 mag with the Pearce base worked
    like a charm!

    It would be a good way to carry that spare G42 mag somewhere on the belt if you
    don't like or couldn't utilize pocket carry of your spare magazine.


    A Woman's Prespective:

    The Glock 42 holster caught my wife's eye as I took it from the box.

    She gladly agreed to model it for me at the end of my evaluation period,
    and here are the pics:

    She normally doesn't wear a belt, but the ACE-1 seemed to fit well in her older
    oversized jeans.

    The postion of the holster and forward rake allowed her to make a few comfortable
    practice draws.
    No struggling with her gun trying to inseert it or get it out of the holster.
    The tuckable feature worked well here:

    LIke me, she came away impressed with the Glock 42 holster and the SHTF
    Generation 2 improvements.

    I'm really liking the Ace-1 with the brown clips from SHTF that I added to my superb
    RAMI holster:

    I can see this holster lasting for a long time, and my RAMI for at least another 10 years!
    The Glock 42 holster seems to be of equal quality and will no doubt see years of service.

    Now that summer is almost over in most places in the USA.

    It will still be hot for a few more weeks, and you still can check out the holster models
    in this review.

    SHTF GEAR offers great holsters and other gear for any season.

    Be sure to visit their website and see what attributes their holsters offer.
    "It doesn't cost a cent to look!"


    SHTF GEAR's ACE-1 2075 RAMI:
    CZ 2075 RAMI ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster

    The Gen 2 RAMI Holster is not on Amazon quite yet.

    SHTF Gen 2 ACE-1 for the G42:Glock 42 ACE-1 Gen 2 Holster

    As on Amazon.com:
    Amazon.com : Glock 42 Holster, SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 : Sports & Outdoors

    SHTF Horizontal Magazine Carrier(Gen 2) :
    Horizontal Magazine Carrier, Gen 2

    SHFT ACE-1 P-07 DUTY: http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h...2-b9e6-407d-a53e-265b54fcd7f5_zpsd019f05c.png

    As on Amazon.com:
    Amazon.com : CZ 75 P-07 Holster, SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 : Gun Holsters : Sports & Outdoors

    SHTF ACE-1 RUGER LCP W/Crimson Trace Amazon.com : Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace Laserguard Holster, SHTF Gear ACE-2 : Gun Holsters : Sports & Outdoors

    Ruger LCR
    Amazon.com : Ruger LCR .38 Special Holster, SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 : Gun Holsters : Sports & Outdoors
  2. Mainsail

    Mainsail Member

    Dec 16, 2005
    Nice infomercial.
  3. HRnightmare

    HRnightmare Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    Seriously! Clearly he has stake in the company whether it be financially or emotionally... I havent checked the website but I would bewilling to bet he copied and pasted straight from it... Oh well.

    MY opinion - take it for what its worth. You always hear and read about prosecutors attacking people who used a gun in self defense because they had a modified trigger or they had punisher logo's or "one shot one kill" written on the side of their gun, etc...basically something that paints them as a wannabe out looking to be a "hero". If I had to shoot or draw my gun in self defense or protecting someone else I would NOT want the media getting a hold of my holster where it is stamped "SHTF" gear. I can only imagine how quickly that would turn into a "Anarchist, white supremacist who wanted to see the government collapse"
  4. HRnightmare

    HRnightmare Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    Ok...I clicked....$66 shipped for a company with NO reputation, no long standing history... Good luck to you but your a little late to the hybrid holster market. It is FLOODED.

    My Theis costs that much and has years of history and positive reviews and MANY MANY blogs. Alien Gear has a very high rating and sells them for 1/2 that.

    I hope SHTF gear (the OP) has a back up plan or sells something else also.
  5. TomJ
    • Contributing Member

    TomJ Member

    Jul 3, 2014
    I took the mandatory CCW class for Illinois earlier in the year. One of the things the instructors, both former Chicago police officers and one is now a defense attorney, stressed is to avoid "Keep honking, I'm reloading" bumper stickers and anything else along these lines. I'd put "SHTF" holsters in this category. You're correct that prosecutors will use these things to portray you as someone looking to use your firearm. This company would help themselves by changing that name.
  6. HRnightmare

    HRnightmare Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    I am curious why the leather is split at the screw hole in several directions. It looks like maybe they are trying to recreate the fan looking logo? I would think that would cause the screws to move around.
  7. HRnightmare

    HRnightmare Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    I have to say that those and the bumper stickers like it, even just the company logo's like glock or HK or whatever IMO scream "Hey I have a concealed weapon or gun in the car". That is NOT attention I want to bring to myself. It also invites criminals who may want to know if you left the gun in your car while making a quick stop or at work, etc.
  8. mgmorden

    mgmorden Member

    May 22, 2009
    Charleston, South Carolina
    I always hear about it in the urban legend type context. Never have I heard of a verified instance of part of the defense being that the person modified his gun to make it "more deadly" or anything of the such.
  9. HRnightmare

    HRnightmare Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    I took a handful of law classes for my undergrad and one of my instructors was a gun advocate had been a defense attorney and a prosecutor in his time. In speaking with him, he told me he defended a guy in NY who shot a man in self defense who had a Crimson trace on his handgun. He said the defense brought that up and claimed it was intended to indiscrimately shoot people in the dark. The instructor told me he genuinely thought they were convincing the jury that he was a tactical ninja, fortunatley the shooter was acquitted.

    He defended a diamond dealer in NY who had night sights on his gun and also got the same treatment as the guy with Crimson Trace.

    He also told me of a case where a man broke in to a house from the moon light window. The window frame was damaged so the bad guy fell unexpectedly onto the granite countertop and broke a few bones and had permanent damage to his back or something that made him walk with a limp. He sued them in civil court and won. The BG's attorney was able to convince the jury the only reason the BG is disabled is because the homeowner's house was out of code and in "illegal conditions".

    Nevermind the fact that he could have hurt, murdered, raped the homeowner if he hadn't fallen through OR NOT to mention if he wasnt a dirt ball on a roof he had no reason to be on and trying to break in he wouldn't have been hurt either.

    I was born and raised and grew up in NY... I live in the south now and it is a WORLD of difference in attitude about guns. In NY you are taught from a child that guns are bad and only bad guys have guns. People panic if they hear about agun or see a gun. The "only people that have guns are cops and criminals" Down here you are the odd man out if you don't have a handgun, a micro Concealed handgun, a shotgun, a rifle at the minimum.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2014
  10. Tirod

    Tirod Member

    May 24, 2008
    SW MO
    It has to be asked that if you are wanting to carry in warm weather, would you choose a hybrid with it's large plate covering a lot of skin area, or a simpler holster that minimizes the job?

    I had to carry repeatedly in the summer - in full battle rattle in the field - Georgia, Texas, etc., with sleeves down. Covering more of your body with large non permeable areas of gear and tack isn't the comfortable way to do it. It's exactly why some switch to pocket carry or smaller autos with smaller profiles that don't block so much surface area.

    Test it yourself - schedule a belly band holster wear day for the hottest part of August, hmm? Or a airline or jogger shoulder holster while doing the yard. Given the lighter nature of day wear in summer, a large plate requiring two belt clips a foot from each other and tucked shirt?

    Tucked, in the midsummer heat? An obviously tropical shirt meant to be worn out of the pants?

  11. bodam

    bodam Member

    Jun 21, 2012
    Cypress, TX
  12. Robert

    Robert Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 7, 2006
    Texan by birth, in Colorado cause I hate humidity
    SHTF stands for stuff hit the fan. Well not stuff but the rules and language filter prevent me from posting the actual word.
  13. bodam

    bodam Member

    Jun 21, 2012
    Cypress, TX
    Ah, got it thx
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