Sig P220 External Extractor?

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Jul 21, 2007
I bought a Sig P220 3-4 years ago, the gun shoots great, however, the slide, all to often will not lock open on the last shot. My Sig P226 9mm is perfect.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but, how can I tell if the gun has the external extractor or not?

If I can't remedy the slide issue, I will be trading it in because this is my home defense weapon and my only handgun that operates less than perfect.

Sig P220 .45
Sig P226 9mm
Walther P99c 9mm
Walther P99 Full Size 9mm
Ruger Security Six .357 mag
Ruger SP101 .357 mag.

Well, it's external, so you should be able to see it there on the side of the slide, like so:


(Though I think that pic is a 226.)

If you are having issues, then Sig ought to be able to fix it, from what I've read.
Thanks For The Pic. brhodes

I guess my P220 has the internal extractor, unlike my P226, so, is it worth replacing the slide, or get rid of it?

This gun has been a pain in the A## since new.

the extractor design will have no effect on the slide locking back after the last round feeds from a mag.

it would be an affect of either a ejector or mag function. we need more info.

1. does this happen with all mags and different ammo?
2. what kind/brand/profile of ammo are you using?
3. which mags are you using?
4. which grip are you using?
5. does this happen when other folks shoot your gun?
What 9mm said.
It does not sound like an extractor problem.
Usually the slide not locking back is caused by the shooter riding the slide release with their thumb.
Your P226 has a fatter grip due to the double stack mag which might explain why it doesn't happen when you shoot it.
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